Descendants of John Belconger JR


2312. Elizabeth Jane Hampton

Elizabeth Jane Hampton

AKA: Might have been called, Jane.

RESIDENCES: Sep 1922, Galesburg, IL at the time of the death of her daughter, Rose.

Francis E. Fowler

Francis E. Fowler

AKA: Probably called, Frank.

DEATH-HEALTH_HISTORY: Died at age 54 of heart failure (Bright's Disease)

CEMETERY: Buried 30 Aug 1888, in Block 3, Lot 21, of Oakwood Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough Co., IL.
(Furnished by Karen Martin)

4856. Issadore Fowler

Issadore Fowler

DEATH-HEALTH_HISTORY: Issadore Fowler died at age 23, of heart disease. He was buried on 8 Feb 1881 or 1882.
(Furnished by Karen Martin)

4858. Rose E. Fowler

Rose E. Fowler

DEATH-HEALTH_HISTORY: Rose Fowler died of a hemorrhage at the home of her mother in Galesburg, IL. It is possible that she died in childbirth.
(Furnished by Karen Martin)

4863. Katie L. Fowler

Katie L. Fowler

AKA: Kittie L. Fowler

DEATH: Died as an infant.

2314. Benjamine R. Hampton

Benjamine R. Hampton

QUESTION-NAME: Was there really a "e" on the end of his first name?

Benjamine R. Hampton worked as a wool carder, until the family moved to Macomb, IL, about 1840.

He entered the law office of Cyrus Walker, and became a lawyer.

He was the founder of the "By-Stander" Newspaper in Macomb, Il and was editor of the "Macomb Journal" for many years.

In 1870, he served as State Senator, in the Twenty-Seventh and Twenty-Eighth assemblies.
(Furnished by: Ann Horne)

CENSUS: 1860, IL (place not specified in the extraction)
B.R. Hampton, 39, farmer, 10,000/1500, OH; Angelina, 32, KY
David, 8, IL; William, 5, IL; Male, 2, IL
Louisa Thompson, 10, IL
[Note: Louisa (Hail) Thompson was the sister of Angeline Hail, could that be who is listed in the census? If so, the age of "10" would be an error. REH]

CENSUS: 1870, McDonough Co., IL, Macomb 2nd Ward, 30/30
Hampton, B.R., 49, editor, OH; Adeline, 44, keeps house, KY
David H., 19, printer, IL; William, 15, IL; Durham, 12, IL

1876 Macomb Directory had the following entries: Benjamin R. Hampton, and Wm. H. Hainline, editors and proprietors "Macomb Journal", 8 N Randolph, res. 62 E. Carroll. Miss Hattie Hampton, dress maker, listed as boards 62 E. Carroll, the home of Benjamin R. Hampton.

CENSUS: 1880, McDonough Co., IL, City of Macomb, 182/194
Hampton, Benjamin R., 59, Ed Macomb Journal, OH NJ OH
Angeline R., 53, KY NC KY
Durham V., 21, photographer, IL OH KY

CEMETERY: Benjamine R. Hampton is buried in Lot 34, Block 3 at Oakwood Cemetery, Macomb, IL. the lot is located on the east side of Oakwood Ave. He was buried 28 Mar. 1886 at the age of 65. Cause of death listed as heart disease. His father is listed as Van C. Hampton. Spouse is listed as Angeline E. Hail. His issue is listed as follows: Mary, Lizzie, David H., William R., Durham V., Benjamine.

History of McDonough County, [Illinois] [1885] p. 524:
Hon. B. R. Hampton, the son of Van C. and Elizabeth Hampton, was born in Warren Co., OH, Apr. 12, 1821. At about three years of age he was taken by his parents to Miami Co., OH, which was at that time a wilderness, and there his early days were spent working in a woolen factory. In 1840, he emigrated to IL, arriving in the embryonic city of Macomb in November of that year. The following year he entered the law office of Cyrus Walker, as a student, and was duly admitted to the bar in 1843.

In 1859, Mr. Hampton was elected a member of the board of supervisors of this county, which place he filled well and satisfactorily for 11 years, although not consecutively, the last being in 1872 to the same.

In the 27th general assembly he was appointed chairman of the committee on printing, and that of domestic relations, the last of which prepared the "Dram Shop Act," now on the statute book of the state. He was, also, a member of the following committees: Corporations, appointment, and counties and townships organization.

In the 28th assembly he was chairman of the committees, on general expenses of the assembly and of miscellaneous business, and a member of the committees, on the revision of the state laws, approperations, corporations, reformatory institutions, judicial dept., fees and salaries, and on printing. Mr. Hampton has the honor of being the author of a bill authorizing the revised statute of 1874, to be published by the state, and sold to the people at the price of two dollars per copy. a praiseworthy and excellent measure. This bill was introduced Mar. 7, and notwithstanding the strong opposition of certain interested parties, was passed by the senate on the 24th of the same month.

Mr. Hampton was united in marriage with Angeline E., a daughter of D. Hail, listed under William S. Hail, Sr. brother of Angeline, the following information: father, Durham Hail, mother, Margaret O. Sympson. Sib: Louisa [Thompson], Malida [Shaw], Patsey Ann [West], Jennie [Baker], John D., Alexander, Angeline E. [Hampton], Susan [Orendorff], Thomas], of Franklin, KY, Apr. 2, 1845, and they are the parents of six children, three of whom are living - David H., William R., and Durham V.

In politics he is a republican, but is not ultra radical on that subject.

In the year 1855, Mr. Hampton became the editor and publisher of the Macomb "Enterprise", since which time, with the exception of five years, from 1860 - 1865, he has been engaged in the newspaper business, and is at this time, in company with his eldest son D. H., publishing the Illinois "By-Stander", one of the best and cheapest papers in this part of the state.

Angeline E. Hail

Angeline E. Hail

Problem: Was the middle initial, "E." or as listed in the 1880 census, "R."?

NAME-CONFLICT: Angeline and Adeline in the census.

4864. Mary Hampton

COMMENT: Not listed in the 1860, 1870 or 1880 census.

4865. Lizzie Hampton

COMMENT: Not listed in the 1860, 1870 or 1880 census.

4866. David H. Hampton

David H. Hampton

OCCUPATION: Listed as a printer in the 1870 census of Macomb, IL

4868. Durham V. Hampton

Durham V. Hampton

OCCUPATION: Listed as a photographer in the 1880 census of Macomb, IL

4869. Benjamine Hampton

COMMENT: Not listed in the 1860, 1870 or 1880 census.

2315. David S. Hampton

DEATH: Died at age 64, of chronic pneumonia

Harriet S. Unknown

DEATH: 1905 in the hospital in Jacksonville, IL.

4870. Charles Hampton

DEATH: Died at the age of 16 months, he was an only child.

2317. John Hampton

John Hampton

RESIDENCES: 1898, 629 N. Randolph, Macomb, IL; 1904/1905 631 N. Johnson, Macomb, IL.

In a book belonging to Eileen Worthington, the following was from pg. 2. "In the following memoir, John Hampton recalls Macomb, [IL] in 1844, when he arrived in town. He was 17 years old that year. He had come from Ohio with his father, Van C. Hampton, who established an early woolen mill northwest of the square."

DEATH-BURIAL: Died of the effects of gangrene, probably at Macomb, McDonough Co., IL He was 92 years, 3 months, 9 days old. He was buried on 20 Apr 1919 at the Oakwood Cemetery in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL.
(Furnished by Karen Martin)

Ledemia K. Unknown

AKA: Ledemia in 1860 Illinois census; Leodena K. in 1870 Illinois census

Daniel Middleton Crabb

Daniel Middleton Crabb

BIRTH-CONFLICT: Was the date of birth, 14 Nov 1823 or as listed in the obituary, 14 May 1823, in VA?

EMIGRATION: In 1828 moved from VA to OH. Moved to IL in 1839

EDUCATION: Cincinnati Veterinary College

OCCUPATION: Veterinarian surgeon; farmer

ORGANIZATIONS: Member Pioneer Club of McDonough county, IL.

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: 1841/M. E. Church-1871/ Evangelical Luthern

RESIDENCES: Crabb Settlement, Macomb Twp., McDonough Co., IL

MILITARY: Mormon War listed as Private taken from roll of Paymaster, Captain William H. Randolph.

CENSUS: 1850 IL Census: ISHL 6/94 (no county location given in the extraction)
Crabb, Daniel M., 26, Farmer, VA; Rebecca, 21, OH

CENSUS: 1870 IL Census, ISHL 6/94 (no county location given in the extraction)
Crabb, Daniel M., 46, Farmer, VA; Mary E., 28, PA;
Ann E., 18, IL; Laura, 16, IL; Jane M., 13, IL [Who is this person? Male
or Female?]
McKibbens, Henry, 23, farm hand, PA

No soundex listing but did find census for William Crabb aged 28, and family, John Crabb, aged 67, with some family, and John Crabb aged 31, with wife Mary.
(Source: of 1850, 1870 and 1880 census: Karen Martin)

CEMETERY: Good Hope Cemetery, Good Hope, McDonough Co., IL, Lot 23, Block 5

Daniel M. Crabb died at his residence in Macomb township, [McDonough Co., IL] at 6:20 last evening of cerinma [?] of the liver, aged 82 years, 5 months, 20 days. The funeral services will be held Sunday at the late residence, but the time has not yet been decided on. Deceased was born in Virginia, May 14, 1823. He moved to Ohio with his parents when but 6 years of age, and lived there until 13 years of age when he came to this state, arriving here Nov. 14, 1836. He located in this city and later returned arriving here Nov. 14, 1836. He located in this city and later returned to Cincinnati where he attended a veterinary college, graduating from that institution with honors. He returned here and has since resided in this city and in Macomb township.

He was married to Miss Rebecca Hampton of this city March 6, 1850 and to them were born 4 children - Mrs. Anna Miley, Jas. M. an infant, and Laura E. King, the latter being the only survivor. His wife died June 12, 1860.

On March 6, 1862, he was again married, his 2nd wife being Miss Mary Ellen Bardo, a native of Pennsylvania. To this union was born one child, Emmet, who now lives in Macomb township. She died March 6, 1902, on the date of her wedding anniversary.

On Oct 6, 1903, he again married, his wife being Miss Kitty Kline, of this city, who survives him, living at home with his grand daughter, Ella Crabb.

He leaves 2 children, 11 grandchildren, and six great grand children. Besides these he is survived by one brother, R. F. Crabb of Good Hope, and 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary Kepple of Bardolph, and Mrs. Betsey McCray of Good Hope.
[Note: Death date calculated from the obituary information, Abt. 3 Nov 1905. REH]
(Source: undated newspaper obituary - furnished by Karen Martin)

4874. Laura E. Crabb

Laura E. Crabb

CENSUS: Listed as Laura, age 16, IL in the 1870 Illinois census

4875. James M. Crabb

James M. Crabb

QUESTION: Is this person, James M. Crabb or Jane M., age 13, IL who was listed in the 1870 Illinois Census?

DEATH: Apparently died as an infant.

4876. Unknown Crabb

COMMENT: Not listed in the 1870 census.

CEMETERY: Buried at the Good Hope Cemetery, Good Hope, IL. A tombstone inscription reads, Infant of D.M. and R.E. Crabb, died August 11, 1860, aged 2 months. Apparently his mother died as a result of childbirth and the baby survived 2 months.

Anna Unknown

Anna Unknown

AKA-MARRIAGE: Apparently first married to a Mr. Butterfield she was known as, Anna Butterfield Morrell.

SPOUSE: Anna was the 2nd spouse of William L. Hampton.

2320. Van Culen Hampton

Van Culen Hampton, III

RESIDENCES: Miami Co., OH; Hutchinson, KS; Macomb, IL

Van Culen Hampton, III, was born in Miami Co., OH., and was employed in the woolen mill started by his father, for many years. Shortly after he and Phoebe Jane [Jennie] were married, they moved to a homestead near Hutchinson, KS. They arrived at the beginning of years of drought and infestations of grasshoppers, and after battling the elements for ten years, they returned to Macomb, [IL] in 1880, discouraged with dry land farming. Van was first employed again at the woolen mill, and later held army engineering jobs, particulary those involved with steam engines and equipment. He was school janitor for some years. In the fall of 1887, he was employed to operate the steam engine for a threshing machine and during inclement weather, he caught a cold which led to his demise, at the age of 50.
(Furnished by: Karen Martin)

Phoeba Jane Runkle

Phoeba Jane Runkle

AKA: Probably called, Jennie

DEATH-HEALTH_HISTORY: Jennie Hampton died of consumption at the age of 53. She was buried on 20 Feb 1902. Birth date calculated, Abt. 1849.
(Furnished by: Karen Martin)

4878. Josephine L. Hampton

Josephine L. Hampton

DEATH-HEALTH_HISTORY: Died of consumption at the age of 25 years, 6 months.
(Furnished by Karen Martin)

4879. Eugene Hampton

RESIDENCES: Born in Kansas; 3 1/2 years in Williamsburg, VA; Macomb, IL

OCCUPATION: Lawyer from 1902, law education in the office of Attorney, Henry C. Agnew.

Martin Brown

Martin Brown

CEMETERY: Martin and Mary E. Brown are buried together in Section T (the old section) of Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, Warren Co., OH.

4886. Ella Brown

Ella Brown

RESIDENCES: In 1889, at the time of the death of her grandfather, John Randolph, she was living in Kings Mills, OH. She was named in the will as an heir.

2326. Jacob Randolph

Jacob Randolph

Jacob W. Randolph was born in 1835, in Union Twp. Warren Co., OH., the third child of John Randolph and Eleanor Weaver. He came to Macomb, Illinois, and on 27 Oct 1863, he was married to Kate Wooley. Kate was a daughter of Lewis B. Wooley, of Pennington's Point. They later moved to Des Moines, IA. Kate died in Des Moines on 4 Jan. 1900. They are both buried in the Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines, IA. They had a son and two daughters who survived them, in Des Moines.

2330. John Randolph

John Randolph

MARRIAGE-ANNIVERSARY: John and Naomi Randolph were married, 52 years, 8 months, 9 days.

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Attended Presbyterian Church

John had walked uptown to get the mail, with his granddaughter, Pearl, who was on her way to school. He died of a heart attack, soon after returning home.

OBITUARY: Perry Daily Chief, Nov 1919.

BURIAL: Funeral held at U.B. Church, Dawson, Dallas Co., IA. Service conducted by John's old friend and pastor, Rev. H.H. Jones of Sumner, IA assisted by Rev. F.L. Brock, of the home church.

Naomi Jane Bundy

Naomi Jane Bundy

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Attended Presbyterian Church

CONFLICT-BIRTH: The date on the tombstone lists the birth as, 1849. Family Bible record shows her born, 11 Dec 1848.

EMIGRATION: John and Naomi Bundy came to Des Moines, IA in 1867, along with her widowed mother, Jane, and her older and younger siblings. Her older sister, Sarah (Sally), and her husband, William Voorhees, who had married in Warren Co., OH, possibly proceeded them to Iowa.

4896. Nora Randolph

Nora Randolph

DEATH-BURIAL: Nora Randolph lived 6 weeks. She is buried near, Commerce, Polk Co., IA. This place is now in West Des Moines, Polk Co., IA.

4899. Harry Clyde Randolph

Harry Clyde Randolph

BIRTH: West of Des Moines, IA in Walnut Twp., Polk Co., IA. Birth records at Adell, Polk Co., IA.

RESIDENCES: Living at the Moyer Nursing Home, Perry, IA at the time of his death. (Furnished by, Eleanor Hartman, niece)

2331. James Stern Randolph

James Stern Randolph

OCCUPATION: Farmed his father's farm.

DEATH-HEALTH_HISTORY: Died of heart failure

Sarah Beedle

Sarah Beedle

Sarah Randolph, a widow, and her children were living in Lebanon, Turtlecreek Twp. Warren Co., OH. at the time of the death of her father-in-law, John Randolph, in 1889.

She died 15 Jan 1908 in Lawton, OK. She had gone there to be with her daughter, Roxana Maude Booth, who was expecting her first child. Sarah died of natural causes. She is buried in Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, Warren Co., OH. with her husband, James, near his grandparents, David and Rebecca (Sutphen/Sutphin) Randolph.

Rolland Chase

Rolland Chase

SPOUSE: Rolland Chase was the 2nd spouse of Lizzie Randolph.