Descendants of John Belconger JR


4286. Charles H. Conger

Charles H. Conger

NO_ISSUE: There was no issue.

MILITARY: Enrolled for service in the Civil War on 24 Jun 1861 in Co. K, 25th Regt. Inf. No record of discharge.

4287. Horace R. Conger

Horace R. Conger

MILITARY: Enrolled in Co. B, 14th Ohio Inf; no record of discharge.

1912. William Ray Conger

William Ray Conger

DEATH: Menigitis (CFA I, p. 533)

William R. Conger, father of the late H.R. Conger, died at his residence on Maple Street yesterday morning after a four week's painful illness which was a complication of diseases. He deceased was 77 years old, having lived in Burlington, [VT] since 1892. He was born in St. Albans in 1821 and was an old employee of the Central Vermont Railroad, having had charge of their bridges for 35 years.

The loss comes as a severe blow to the family, his death being the third in the family within nine months.

He leaves three children: W.P. Conger, Mrs. F.B. Houston and Miss Jennie Conger.

The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at his late residence. The remains will be laid to rest in the Elmwood Cemetery.
(Source: Burlington Free Press, 23 Feb 1898 - republished in CFA I, p. 533)

Almira A. Fuller

Almira A. Fuller

DEATH: Old age and heart disease. (CFA I, p. 533)

4292. William Pierce Conger

William Pierce Conger

OCCUPATION: Taxidermist

RESIDENCES: Probably a resident of Burlington, VT, based on information of Harold Murton Hyde.

DEATH: Committed suicide (CFA I, p. 533)

W.P. Conger, whose home was at Crescent Beach, just south of Lakeside Park, was found dead in his taxidermist shop a short distance from his residence yesterday morning by his wife, about a half hour after he had committed suicide by sending a ball from a 32-40 Winchester repeating rifle through his head. No reason for his action is given other than poor health, relatives stating that he had been in a despondent mood for some time past.

Mr. Conger who was about 64 years of age, had been suffering with a hacking cough and had said to his wife that it was his belief that the cough would kill him. However, yesterday morning he was in his usual health and went to his shop to complete the work of setting up, or stuffing, two ducks. Mr. Conger's occupation being that of taxidermist, for which work he was known throughout the state.

When his wife went to the shop to discuss the noon menu she found this notice on the door: "Dear Clarkie: Don't come in her alone. Send for help. I am going away forever. Don't feel too badly for I shall be at rest. Billy."

The evening before he had written a long letter to her of endearment and consolation -- touched upon personal affairs in a business way, instructions about caring for their poultry, with keys labeled and feed measured out in readiness to be fed as she new nothing about their care.

At one time Mr. Conger was captain of the Barlow Grays of St. Albans, holding the office for many years. He was also at one time captain of the Uniform Rank of Knights of Pythias.

Funeral services will be held from his late home at Crescent Beach at 2:00 o'clock Sunday afternoon, with interment in Elmwood Avenue Cemetery.
(Source: Burlington Free Press, 4 Nov 1916 - found in CFA I, p. 533-534)

HONORS: Conger Avenue in Burlington, VT was named for W.P. Conger. (CFA I, p. 534)

Adorna Malcolm Clark

Adorna Malcolm Clark

AKA: Might have been called, Clarkie by her husband.

4295. Caroline Almira Conger

Caroline Almira Conger

Possessed of a quiet, unassuming disposition, she found her real pleasure in her home. She was deeply interested in all things pertaining to charity, giving freely of her time and means, and her untimely death comes as a distinct shock to her many friends. She was a member of the Methodist Church and Ladies' Aid Society."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 534 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Frank B. Houston

Frank B. Houston

NO_ISSUE: There was no issue.

RESIDENCES: 235 S. Winooski Avenue; Burlington, VT. Their house set back to back with that of Grace Goodhue who married John Calvin Coolidge. They were friends and neighbors. [Note: Probably refering to Calvin Coolidge the 30th President of the United State who was born in Plymouth, VT on 4 Jul 1872. REH]
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 524 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

OCCUPATION: Stenographer

1913. Charles Conger

Charles Conger

MILITARY: Roll Call of Swanton, Vermont Company, 11th Regt., Vermont Militia in service on the northern frontier, Apr 1839, for 13 days (Private in Green Mountain Guards). (CFA I, p. 53)

EMIGRATION-MILITARY: Charles Conger, 1819, went south and married there. He was living in the south when the Civil War broke out. He was taken prisoner while in the Confederate Army. His brother, Capt. George Parker Conger, 1815 and with the Union Army, refused to see him.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 39a & 434 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

OCCUPATION: Carpenter (CFA II, p. 63)

RESIDENCES: 1850, South Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, his age was given as 38 (1812) (CFA II, p. 63)

RECOLLECTIONS: From family recollections: During the Civil Way, Charles Conger was taken prisoner in Virginia near where his brother, Captain George P. Conger, of Co. B, First Vermont Cavalry was stationed. George was so incensed to think his brother would fight on the side of the South he refused to go see him. However, nephew Warren Conger, also in Co. B, did go to see him. When Charles heard how George felt he took the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. and was paroled.

So far as we know, nothing was heard from him since that time. (by Marion Barton)

Charles, while on his way south, saved a plantation owner's daughter from drowning when she fell overboard. He later married her and settled somewhere in the South. He was probably the Charles H. Conger who died 30 Jul 1865, age 47, and was buried in the Nashville City Cemetery.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 53 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

1932. Noel Conger

Noel Conger

BIRTH: "30 Jan 1802 or 6 June at Danby, Rutland, VT" CFA I, p. 385

BIRTH-CHILDREN-BIBLE: The birthdates of the children as listed in CFA I, p. 385 are from the Family Bible of Henry and Rachel Curtis. The June 6th birth date for Noel Conger, listed in the records of Charles L. Conger was probably for his daughter, Rachel.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 385 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

RECOLLECTIONS: In 1819, Noel Conger, left North Collins, NY on foot and walked back to Danby, VT. The journey took 12 days in rain and snow. He returned the following February in 10 days, carrying a pack of cloth weighing 43 1/2 pounds. He spent only $3.50 on the entire trip.

He was a farmer all his life and lived in North Collins until his death.

Physically he was a large powerful, athletic man.

His second wife was undoubtedly a widow, as her will mentions a daughter, Leola Ogden, and a daughter, Helen Myers.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 562 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

4300. Asubah Conger

Asubah Conger

QUESTION: What was the sex of this person.

Susan Unknown

Susan Unknown

SPOUSE: 2nd spouse of Noel Conger

Anna Hunt

Anna Hunt

AKA: Annie

1939. Anson C. Conger

Anson C. Conger

PARENTS: Noah Conger and Hannah Griffen

OCCUPATION: Supervisor of Collins in 1859, 1860 and 1878; Anson C. Conger entered the business of buying and selling lands and negotiating loans. He soon succeeded in accumulating a handsome fortune.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 24 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

PUBLIC_SERVICE: 1862, represented his district in the Legislature.

Portia White

Portia White

FATHER: Isaac White

4322. Emma A. Conger

Emma A. Conger

PARENTS: Anson C. Conger and Portia White

4324. J. Anson Conger

J. Anson Conger

PARENTS: Anson C. Conger and Portia White

1940. Almon D. Conger

Almon D. Conger

PARENTS: Noah Conger and Hannah Griffen

NAME-CONFLICT: Almon N. Conger, p. 384 of CFA I.

DEATH-QUESTION: In what county did the death occur?

Saphronia Potter

DEATH-QUESTION: In what county did the death occur?

1941. Enoch Conger

Enoch Conger

PARENTS: Noah Conger and Hannah Griffen

1943. Allen Taylor Conger

Allen Taylor Conger

PARENTS: Noah Conger and Hannah Griffen

NAME-CONFLICT: Allen P. Conger, CFA I, p. 383; Allen T. Conger, CFA I, p. 18; Allen Taylor Conger, CFA I, 224.

1950. Joseph Conger

Joseph Conger

PARENTS: John Conger and Hannah Chandler

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Deacon in the Cortland Baptist Church. Probably in Cortly Co., NY.

BIRTH-QUESTION: Was the birthplace, Granville, NY, rather than Grandville, NY?

4342. Daniel Bordman Conger

Daniel Bordman Conger

NO_ISSUE: There was no issue.