Descendants of John Belconger JR


16121. Ronald William Jolley

Ronald William Jolley

MILITARY: Served in the U.S. Air Force

16126. Bruce Leon Rayborn

Bruce Leon Rayborn

MARRIAGE-CHURCH_AFFILIATION: LDS; Sealed at the Logan Temple on 3 Aug 1959

19825. Steven Bruce Rayborn

Steven Bruce Rayborn

OCCUPATION: Served on the Portland, Oregon police force

16127. Barbara Lee Rayborn

Barbara Lee Rayborn

MILITARY: U.S. Air Force, 1957-1959

OCCUPATION: Neuro-Psychotic Technician

Walter Wesley Snyder

Walter Wesley Snyder

MILITARY: U.S. Navy, seaman on a Polaris submarine.

DIVORCE: The marriage of Walter and Barbara Snyder ended in divorce in San Diego, CA.

19829. Barry James Snyder

RELATIONSHIP: Barry James and Kelly John Snyder were twins.

19830. Kelly John Snyder

RELATIONSHIP: Barry James and Kelly John Snyder were twins.

Russell Ollie Beeson

Russell Ollie Beeson

SPOUSE-DIVORCE: Russell Ollie Beeson was the 2nd spouse of Barbara Lee Rayborn.
The marriage ended in divorce in Baker, Baker Co., OR.

16128. Sheila Kay Rayborn

Sheila Kay Rayborn

RESEARCHER: Sheila Kay Morgan was interested in genealogy and shared information about the Conger family. Dec 2000 Email:

RESIDENCES: As of Dec 2000; 2359 Brennan Road; Saquoit, NY 13456

BIRTH:Certificate in possession of Sheila K. Morgan, 1940 Myrtle St, Baker City, Oregon, 1997.

Sheila born in Portland, Multnomah, OR at Emanuel Hospital. Parents lived at 9476 N. Trumbull Ave. Portland, OR. Mother was 25 yrs old and Father was 26 yrs old. Fathers occupation was a ship fitter at Willamette Iron and Steel in Portland, OR. Sheila was born at 3:10 a.m. and delivered by Dr. T.P. Staats. The mother had been in Oregon seven years when Sheila was born.

When Sheila was about one year old the family moved out into the country, about 20 miles from St. Johns, up in the hills. The nearest little town was Cornelius Pass where there was a little grocery store and Skyline Elementary School. The house was down in a gully, off Multnomah Road. Our address was Rt. 3 Box 402. We had a neighbor a half mile down the road, at the Washington County line, and his name was Mel Deal. He had a big wart on his nose and was awfully ugly, but very nice. He never did get married. Down the other way, a mile down the road, was Skyline Ranch where Albrights lived. They were rich and had a manager, Old Man Fred, who kept care of the place while they just came out on weekends. They raised sheep, a horse or two, etc. When it was time for the kids to go to school, a bus shack was built down by Skyline Ranch at the crossroads and the bus picked them up there. They went to Skyline Elementary School down by Cornelius Pass road. The house they lived in started out as a one room house and then later was built onto. There was no running water. Water was gotten from a spring down on Logey Trail where it was carried in large milk cans. Later a well was dug on the property. There was no indoor plumbing. The house was built on a kind of hill and the view was of the valley over by Hillsboro where there were berry farms.

The family moved to Baker, OR in the summer of 1954 when Norman got a job as maintenance man for Richfield Oil company. Sheila attended Helen M. Stack Junior High School and Baker High School, graduating in 1959. The family lived at 1134 Elm Street in a red brick house for a couple years and then bought a Mom and Pop grocery store, which they called Rayborns Market, that was located at 1204 Washington Street. After graduation from high school Sheila went to Medford, OR and worked for American Finance Co. for a year. Then she joined the Air Force and was stationed first at Shephards Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, where she went to Teletype School and then was stationed at Travers Air Force Base, Fairfield, CA. She was honorably discharged in May 1961. She met Donald Morgan, who was stationed at the Baker Radar Base in Baker, OR. the summer of 1961. They became engaged in October 1961, and married in Boise, Ada, ID on Jan. 29, 1962.

Sheila was blessed in the St. Johns Branch, Portland Stake, Portland, OR on May 3rd, 1942 by Bishop Ira G. Wakefield. Sheila was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on July 30, 1954 by Cantril Wyatt in the Baker Ward, Union Stake, Baker, Oregon with Kenneth Kofford as the Bishop. Sheila was sealed to Donald Morgan for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple on Aug. 1, 1968. Sheila received her patriarchal blessing in Rochester, N.Y. by John Stonely July 1968.
(Furnished by Shelia Kay (Rayborn) Morgan)

RESIDENCES: 1204 Washington St. Baker, OR, an apartment on Baker Street in Baker City, OR. An apartment above Gales Grocery on Broadway Street across from the Junior High School, Brennan Road at the bottom of Cedar Hill Farms in a trailer house in Paris Station, N.Y., Paris Hill Road in Sauquoit, N.Y., 841 Summit Road in Paris Station, N.Y., 1940 Myrtle Street in Baker City, OR.

19832. Jeffrey Denys Morgan

Jeffrey Denys Morgan

Jeffrey Denys Morgan was born in Baker, Oregon at four o'clock in the afternoon at the old St. Elizabeth Hospital on Fourth Street. It is now the St. Elizabeth Towers. It was on a Sunday afternoon. Dee Fuller, the doctor, had gone to LaGrande to a church meeting and got back in town just in time. Jeffrey wanted to get into the world in a hurry because the first pain was at eight in the morning and it only took until four o'clock to get the job done.

Jeffrey was thought to have colic from the time he was born until he was almost a year old. The pharmacist at the Payless Drug store told Sheila that he didn't see how a baby could have colic all that time. So she took the baby to Boise and the doctor told her that Jeffrey was allergic to cows milk and would have to be put on Soy milk. Jeffrey had projectile vomiting for all the time that he was on cows milk and the stomach pain was enough to make him scream in agony. His mother and Grandmother Rayborn would bounce and jounce him until he would finally fall asleep from exhaustion. Then the next time it was time to eat, they would go through the same thing again. Jeff was about three years old before he got over the allergy to cows milk. The doctor said Jeff didn't have the right digestive juice developed in his stomach for cows milk. Jeff was born a month early, although he weighed eight pounds, and the doctor in Boise said that would be enough for the digestive juice not to have developed properly.

Jeffrey was named for an actor, Jeffrey Hunter, and his middle name is for a school chum of his Dad's, Denys Clem. If it had of been a girl, Donald was going to be able to name her his favorite actresses name, which was Julie. That just shows how immature the parents of Jeffrey were when he was born.

When Jeffrey was born, Donald and Sheila lived over the old Gales Grocery on Broadway Street, where they had moved just a couple weeks before. In fact, going up and down the stairs was one reason the baby was born early, along with the problem of gestational diabetes, and the development of extra fluid in the mother. The gestational diabetes was caused by the craving for snow cones and the Dairy Queen being just a few blocks away from the Baker Street apartment. Every day Sheila would take coins from Donald's coin collections and go get a snow cone. Then when they moved almost next door to the Dairy Queen, the tempation was just too great, and sometimes it was two snow cones a day.

When Jeffrey was about four months old, his grandparents from New York came to see him. That was the first time that Sheila had met her in-laws also. When Jeff was years old, Donald was discharged from the Air Force and they moved back to Paris Station, New York where his home was. They stayed with his parents for a time and he worked for Lincoln Davies and later Furners Appliances in Sauguoit.

Jeffrey was the little man of the hour, until 1964 when his brother, Kevin, was born. Jeffrey used to sit on the couch at Grandma Morgans when she had the Paris Hill Garden Club ladies over for the meeting. He would talk just like a little man and they would dote on him. He loved to go up to the Morgan camp on the St. Lawrence River. It was right on the river and it was always a wonder that Jeff didn't fall in more than he did. His dad had to make more than one emergency dive into the river to save the little guy. We always tried to put a life jacket on him as soon as we arrived at camp.

When it came time for Jeff to go to school, we lived on Summit Road, and the bus came by to get him. He went to Kindergarten for half a day. He went to Whitesboro School first, and then changed to Waterville School. He had a good friend in Jon Townsend, who was also a neighbor. He also had a friend in Jones, who was also a Paris Station neighbor.

Jeff liked to go up to Cedar Hill Farm, a mile up the road from Grandpa Morgans, and ride on the tractor with Great Grandpa Roberts. The Morgan and Roberts family all lived within a five mile radius and they were a close family, so Jeff had a lot of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., to play with. Grandpa Morgan was an artificial inseminator when Jeff was growing up, and used to take Jeff with him on his calls. He used to let Jeff drive the car while sitting on Grandpa's lap, and do a lot of things that Jeffs mother knew nothing about, but it was an education for little Jeff. And Grandpa always had gum or suckers for the kids.

Jeff was baptized into the Congregational Church on Paris Hill, and then later baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Whitesboro, N.Y. at the age of 8. When he was 10 years old the family moved back to Baker, Oregon. He moved to Oregon in January 1973 and turned 11 in June of that year. Donald bought the Schwinn bike shop and Mower repair shop from Glen May on Broadway Street. Jeff was able to help his dad at the bike shop after school and on weekends. He was able to have skateboards and the newest in Schwinn bikes because of his dad's shop. He had a good friend in Mike Gubler and at the age of 16 he had his first car, a white Waggoneer that he bought from George Gubler. George Gubler and Grandpa Rayborn taught Jeff how to fix cars. His dad taught him how to fix bikes and mowers. He also had a good friend in Mark Long.

Jeff went to South Baker School, Baker Junior High, and Baker Senior High School. He spent two years at Ricks College in Rexburg where he worked on his Manufacturing Engineering degree. He then went to BYU where he graduated.

He met Megan Egbert at Ricks College and married her before going down to BYU. They had their first child, Amy Morgan, just before Jeff graduated from BYU. They then moved to Seattle, where he was employed by Boeing and he is stilled employed there.
(Furnished by Shelia Kay (Rayborn) Morgan)

Megan (NMN) Egbert

Megan (NMN) Egbert

BIRTH: 1 Oct 1961, probably at Riverton, UT

RESIDENCES: Her parents lived at Riverton, UT

19833. Kevin Donald Morgan

Kevin Donald Morgan

Kevin Donald Morgan was born in Utica, N.Y. at Faxton Hospital. He was a breech birth and it took four hours of walking the hospital halls before he decided to be turned and come on down! He has been just as independent about his decisions since then also.

Kevin was always taking chances and doing things his Mom had told him not to. Once after he got a spanking he turned and said, " I hope that makes you feel better."

The first day he had his drivers license he decided to play chase with Ernie Bootsma. Ernie took out through a back alley with lots of pot holes and so did Kevin. He called soon after, as one of the potholes was deeper than expected and had caused havoc with the radiator. Another time, Kevin walked in the house and handed his parents his drivers license. He had been told that if he got a ticket, he would lose his license for a time. He was playing chase again, this time on Broadway, and made a U-turn in front of a policeman. One Halloween night, Dad got a call from the police station that they had Kevin there and Dad needed to come and get him. It seems he was with some "friends" who were throwing water balloons at the street lights. The police came along and everyone could outrun them, except Kevin, and Kevin wasn't even the one throwing the water balloons.

Kevin found a better outlet for his energy when he got to high school. He became a member of the Company B singing group and Mr. Torrance helped him to develop his singing talents and excel in that area.

When Kevin was in Junior High, he found out that if you were in sports your father would notice you and give you all the great things you ever wanted, (leastways this is what he told Harvey Witham). Anyway, Kevin played football and he was like a little bulldog. He was little and wiry and when he got a hold of a players leg there was no way to get him off. Once he was dragged half way down the field and still kept holding onto the players leg, (now that is endurance).
(Furnished by Shelia Kay (Rayborn) Morgan)

19834. Daniel Robert Morgan

Daniel Robert Morgan

AKA: Danny

Daniel Robert Morgan was born at St. Lukes Hospital in New Hartford, N.Y. Dad worked midnight to seven a.m. shift at GE in Utica. NY. Mom started labor during the night and went all night with pains. When Dad got home that morning she said, "I think we had better hurry because this baby is ready to be born." Jeff and Kevin were taken over to Grandma Morgan's which was about a mile down the road. Then Dad and Mom were off to New Hartford, which was about twenty miles away and all downhill. There was a stop light a block from the hospital and just as the car got there it turned, but Dad just kept going. There was almost a pile up there. As soon as Mom was wheeled into the hospital, the desk clerk said, "We'll need to fill out these papers." Dad said, "Not this time we don't because this baby is about here." By the time we got upstairs and into the delivery room, the baby was born. That was exactly fifteen minutes after getting to the hospital. Grandpa and Grandma Morgan had planned on going to their camp on the St. Lawrence River that weekend, so they just piled Jeff and Kevin in the car and took them with them.
(Furnished by Shelia Kay (Rayborn) Morgan)

19835. Crystal Lynn Morgan

Crystal Lynn Morgan

Crystal Lynn Morgan was born at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Baker City, Oregon. It was not the same facility that Jeff was born in. This was the new hospital that had just been built out on Pocahontas Road. It was on a Friday and Dr. John Higgins had a wedding rehearsal for one of his kids. That day Mom had been to see him and he told her, "You have at least two more weeks. No don't call me tonite because I am going to be at a wedding rehearsal." In the afternoon Mom knew something was up, because she started cleaning the house and getting the clothes all washed up. This happened everytime it was time for her to have a baby. By 7:30 she was in labor and on the way to the hospital. The water broke on the way and by the time she got there, they knew the baby was almost here. At 8 p.m. the baby was born, and it was a little girl. Dad was waiting in the hall, because he knew better than to get near me when I was in pain. When they told Mom it was a girl, she wouldn't believe them, but had to look herself to make sure. The doctor never did get there and the nurse delivered the baby.
(Furnished by Shelia Kay (Rayborn) Morgan)

16130. Sharon Mae Fagg

Sharon Mae Fagg

DEATH: Killed in an automobile accident, 27 Dec 1964

COMMENT: Not listed in the SSDI

19836. Shirley Lee Donworth

Shirley Lee Donworth

RELATIONSHIP: After the death of her mother she was raised by her grandmother, Lula Mae.

19837. Wendolyn Donworth

Wendolyn Donworth

RELATIONSHIP: After the death of her mother she was raised by her grandmother, Lula Mae.

16149. Albert Glen Denning

Albert Glen Denning

OCCUPATION: Garage owner

RESIDENCES: P.O. Box 232; Boulder City, NV 89005