Descendants of John Belconger JR


15516. Jeanette Rosalind Gambrill

Jeanette Rosaline Gambrill

NAME-CONFLICT: Jane Rosylan Gambrill (CFA); Jeannette Rosalind Gambrill (Jane Roslyn?), CFA II, p. 382.

Lawrence Albert Mueller

Lawrence Albert Mueller

OCCUPATION: Aeronautical Engineer for NASA

19285. Thomas Joseph Mueller

Thomas Joseph Mueller

MILITARY: Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves

EDUCATION: Masters in Public Administration


Jean Marie West

Jean Marie West

EDUCATION: Master's in Education Specialist

19286. Gerald Lee Mueller

Gerald Lee Mueller

AKA: Called, Jerry

15518. Duane Henry Conger

Duane Henry Conger

OCCUPATION: Hydraulic Engineer (Hydrologist); Civil Engineer, electronics

HOBBIES: Likes to hunt and fish


RESIDENCES: 4321 Herrick Lane; Madison, WI 53711

Joanne Rose Anderson

Joanne Rose Anderson


HOBBIES: Golf, reading, fishing, singing; refinishes furniture

OCCUPATION: Registered nurse, Associate Professor of Nursing

15519. Allan E. Conger

Allan E. Conger


OCCUPATION: Electronic technician

HOBBIES: Hunting and fishing

Carol Goldberry

Carol Goldberry


NAME-CONFLICT: Carol Goldberg, (CFA I, p. 18); Carol Goldberry, (CFA II, p. 714)

15521. Barry Bacon Conger

Barry Bacon Conger

MARRIAGE: Barry Conger and Krista Shoal met while attending high school in Montana.

Krista Shoal

Krista Shoal

RESEARCHER: Was interested in genealogy and shared information about her branch of the Conger family.

EDUCATION: B.A. Biochemistry, 1990; Ph.D. Cancer Biology, 1999

BIOGRAPHY: So, what's a girl to do with her time? In my quest to remain a perpetual student, I have spent the last 12 years hopping around from school-to-school in the San Francisco Bay Area. I guess you could say that I'm a slug-loving bear up a tree. I started as a science-happy undergraduate at UC Berkeley, transisted into the prototypical work-aholic graduate student at Stanford, and after six years fled research science to become a science journalist.

I was aided in my career switch by the really excellent Science Communication Program at UC Santa Cruz, where I had the good fortune to make some great friends while being taught by some fabulous working journalists.

I have since been supporting myself (kind of) by writing for the Stanford Medical Center News Bureau's weekly paper, the Stanford Report. Links to on-line writing samples can be found on my webpage. While a lot of work went into those articles, I am by far the most proud of my most recent production--our daughter Annabel. Being a connected kind of Valley girl (that's Silicon Valley for you non-Californians!), she has her own web page and fan club.
(Written by Krista Conger and displayed on her website:

19290. Annabel Bailey Conger

Annabel Bailey Conger

BIRTH: born 20 Jul 1999 at 5:32 a.m.; 7 lbs., 3 oz, 20 inches

COMMENT: At the age of 8 months, Annabel Conger had her own website:

15522. William Horace Palmer

William Horace Palmer

OCCUPATION: Farm Manager of Federal Prison Service.

Mary Ornona Brown

Mary Ornona Brown

AKA: Middle name listed as, Ormona and Ornora, in CFA II, 389-390.

15524. Esther Lucille Conger

Esther Lucille Conger

PARENTS: David Bruce Conger and Mary Emma Allen

OCCUPATION: Psychiatric technician

HOBBIES: Fishing and bowling

Claude Francis Eaglin

Claude Francis Eaglin

PARENTS: William Theodor Eaglin and Lydia Mae Harshman

NAME-CONFLICT: Was the first name, Claud or Claude, both listed in CFA I? Was the middle name, Frances or Francis? Both listed, in CFA I.

OCCUPATION: Railroad man from 1942 to 1965; later a warehouseman

HOBBIES: Liked to fish, hunt and do woodwork, and was mechanical minded.

RESIDENCES: 440 S. Cedar; Hastings, NE 68901

19294. Kay Francis Eaglin

Kay Francis Eaglin

PARENTS: Claude Francis Eaglin and Esther Lucille Conger

HOBBIES: Knitting, painting, sewing


Raymond Henry Davison

Raymond Henry Davison

MILITARY: Probably career U.S. Air Force


19295. Mary Anna Eaglin

Mary Anna Eaglin

PARENTS: Claude Francis Eaglin and Esther Lucille Conger

Problem: Was she born, 11 Aug 1943 or 12 Aug 1944? Both listed in CFA I.


CHILDREN: Mary Anna Eaglin had two children with Gunther Siems: Claudette Lucille Siems, b. 16 Nov 1965 in Hastings, NE and Christine Lynn Siems, b. 11 Feb 1969.

Gunther Siems

RESIDENCES: 2906 W. 6th St.; Hastings, NE 68901

Darryl Dean Jameson

Darryl Dean Jameson

SPOUSE: Darryl Dean Jameson was the 2nd spouse of Mary Ann Eaglin.


HOBBIES: Played piano and organ and sings.


19296. Claude Bruce Eaglin

Claude Bruce Eaglin

PARENTS: Claude Francis Eaglin and Esther Lucille Conger


RESIDENCES: 1121 Locust Ave.; Anaheim, CA 62802

OCCUPATION: Police Officer

HOBBIES: Enjoyed woodworking, machinery and fishing.

Evelyn Mae Hoagland

Evelyn Mae Hoagland

AKA: Also listed in CFA I, p. 729 as, Evelyn H. Morganflash and Evelyn Mae Hoagland Morganflash.
Her father's name is listed as, Jesse Pleasant Hoagland.
She was first married to a Mr. Morganflash and had sons, Craig Morganflash, b. 27 Mar 1955 and Michael Morganflash, b. 21 Jun 1957.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 729 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)


15527. Ernest Wayne Conger

Ernest Wayne Conger

PARENTS: David Bruce Conger and Mary Emma Allen

FATHER-RELATIONSHIP: Loved his father very much.

Problem: Was he born on 25 Jul 1924 (CFA I, p. 169) or 25 Jul 1925? Both listed in CFA I.

Ernest Wayne Conger is an airplane pilot and a semi-professional dog trainer. His hobbies are fishing and hunting. As of 1970 he and Jane were touring the United States in their travel trailer.

He wrote, "As a boy I was interested in sports and made the team in basketball, football, baseball and track. The most outstanding experience was when I qualified to represent Hastings High School in the state track meet in Omaha."

He said, "I was in the Coast Guard during the WWII in the Pacific Theater. Afterwards became a policeman in the Long Beach, California; passed the exam and went to the California Highway Patrol in 1950. Retired in 1968 on a disability when, while on patrol on a motorcycle, a truck turned in front of me and I hit it broadside."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 169 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

19297. Terry Lee Conger

Teryy Lee Conger

PARENTS: Ernest Wayne Conger and Jean Ardell Adams

RESIDENCES: 5301 Bonniemae Way; Sacramento, CA 95820

Individual: Conger, Terry
Social Security #: 547-62-6823
Issued in: California
Birth date: Oct 2, 1945
Death date: Aug 1973
Residence code: California
ZIP Code of last known residence: 95823
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Sacramento, California
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 14, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

19298. Ernest Roy Conger

Ernest Roy Conger

PARENTS: Ernest Wayne Conger and Jean Ardell Adams

RESIDENCES: 1228 Betty Avenue; Woodland, CA

NAME-CONFLICT: Probably called, Roy or Ray. Listed as Ernest Roy Conger in CFA I and Ernest Ray Conger in CFA II, p. 92.

DIVORCE: The marriage of Ernest R. Conger and Sarah Jane Deutsch ended in divorce.

Mary Jane Marino

Mary Jane Marino

AKA: Called, Jane.

PARENTS: Jane's father was Italian and her mother Danish.

HOBBIES: Her husband wrote, "besides being a first-class fisher-woman, Jane is probably one of the best cooks in the Western U.S.A. -- and that is her main hobby."

15528. Dudley W. Dibbern

Dudley W. Dibbern

OCCUPATION: Work in the Chicago offices of Standard Oil

15529. Harry Calvin Conger

Harry Calvin Conger

ADOPTION: Harry Calvin Conger was adopted.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 92 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

RESIDENCES: R.R. 1, Box 43; Hiwan Hills, Evergreen, CO 80439

Marilyn Frances Bergman

Marilyn Frances Bergman

AKA: Marilyn Borgman (CFA I, p. 168)

15532. Ronald Duane Conger

Ronald Duane Conger

PARENTS: Robert Earl Conger and Lois Marie Herrick

MILITARY: Career serviceman

DIVORCE: The marriage of Ronald Duane Conger and Colletta Marie Kuhn ended in divorce.

Individual: Conger, Ronald
Social Security #: 484-40-6570
Issued in: Iowa
Birth date: Sep 1, 1937
Death date: Jan 1973
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 13, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

15533. Joanna Alma Carroll

Joanna Alma Carroll


William Robert Clabby

William Robert Clabby

OCCUPATION: Journalist


15535. Gene Wallace Conger

Gene Wallace Conger

PARENTS: Howard Wallace Conger and Mary Frances Altman