Descendants of John Belconger JR


15428. Arthur Frederick Bell

Arthur Frederick Bell

ADOPTION: He was adopted.

EDUCATION: Attended John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD

OCCUPATION: Worked for Joseph E. Seagram, Inc.

RESIDENCES: 220J Stonecroft Road; Baltimore, MD 21229

Gale Lynn Kauffman

Gale Lynn Kauffman

SEX: Female

EDUCATION: Graduate of the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD.

OCCUPATION: Once worked at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

15433. Alan Avery Phelps

Alan Avery Phelps

Problem: Was the date of birth, 8 Mar 1942 or as listed in CFA II, p. 393, 11 Mar 1942?

EDUCATION: B.A. from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX


Problem: Was the date of marriage 17 Dec 1966 or as listed in CFA II, p. 393, 27 Dec 1966?

Doris Faye Warner

Doris Faye Warner

EDUCATION: Graduate of Sam Houston State University at Huntsville, AL.


19256. Rachelle Allyn Phelps

Rachelle Allyn Phelps

Problem: Was she born at Houston, TX (CFA II, p. 696) or as listed in CFA II, p. 393, Conroe, TX?

15448. Luella Belle Curphy

Luella Belle Curphy

RESEARCHER: Enjoyed tracing her family lines

HOBBIES: Loves all crafts and tries most of them

Leonard Alvin Kittel

Leonard Alvin Kittel

MILITARY: Navy during WWII; Army M/Sgt in Korea

OCCUPATION: Equipment manager after retiring from the service in 1953

Larry G. Campbell

Larry G. Campbell

DIVORCE: The marriage of Larry G. Campbell and Sheryl Sue Kittel ended in divorce.

15453. Harriette Georgia Conger

Harriette Georgia Conger

RELATIONSHIP: Siblings, Harriette Georgia and Norma Geraldine Conger, married
siblings, Gilbert R. and Lloyd V. Harvey, respectively.

15454. Norma Geraldine Conger

RELATIONSHIP: Siblings, Harriette Georgia and Norma Geraldine Conger, married
siblings, Gilbert R. and Lloyd V. Harvey, respectively.

19269. Steven Victor Harvey

Steven Victor Harvey

EDUCATION: College degree

OCCUPATION: Member IBM, data processing

PUBLIC_SERVICE: ex-town supervisor

HOBBIES: Boating and water skiing

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Well liked and respected

Kathryn Ann Beach

Kathryn Ann Beach

OCCUPATION: Secretary at Nuclear Fuel Plant, W. Valley

EDUCATION: Working on a Business Administration degree


HOBBIES: Enjoys cake decorating, plants, dress making, needlework

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Has a sunny disposition and is loved by all

19270. Stanley Conger Harvey

Stanley Conger Harvey

MILITARY: Specialist 4th Class in U.S. Army Artillery

EDUCATION: Bryant & Stratton Business School

OCCUPATION: Gun shop with state and federal licenses; Manager of NAPA Gowanda Auto Parts

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: A well liked person

19271. Rebecca Ann Harvey

Rebecca Ann Harvey

AKA: Called, Becky

ORGANIZATIONS: A Magna Carta Dame through her mother

Patrick Lee Shultz

Patrick Lee Shultz

OCCUPATION: Laborer for Moench Tanning Co.

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Industrious person, good father and husband

15462. Richard Vernon Conger

Richard Vernon Conger

EDUCATION: High school graduate

MILITARY: 4 years in U.S. Navy



HOBBIES: Fishing

RESIDENCES: 330 Leecrest, N.W.; Massillon, OH 44646

Phyllis Nadine Johnson

Phyllis Nadine Johnson

EDUCATION: High school graduate

ORGANIZATIONS: Member Republican Women

HOBBIES: Reading

15463. Clella Louise Conger

Clella Louise Conger

OCCUPATION: Dancer, has taught all phases of dance.

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: At age 74 she "retired." but not completely

Dale K. Watts

Dale K. Watts

OCCUPATION: Newspaper editor

19275. Jerry Lee Watts

Jerry Lee Watts

OCCUPATION: Sells sporting goods

19276. Danny Allan Watts

Danny Allan Watts

OCCUPATION: Graphic arts

19277. Vickie Sue Watts

Vickie Sue Watts


Dave Smith

Dave Smith

DIVORCE: The marriage of Dave Smith and Vickie Sue Watts ended in divorce.

15464. Leon Jerry Conger

Leon Jerry Conger

AKA: Probably called, Jerry

MILITARY: Retired from U.S.A.F. in 1966



RESIDENCES: 11311 Janet Lee Drive; San Antonio, TX 78230, with 2nd wife.

19278. Jerry Lynn Conger

Jerry Lynn Conger

BIRTH-QUESTION: Was the birth place, Harlingen, Cameron Co., TX?

19279. Charles Thomas Conger

Charles Thomas Conger

EDUCATION: 1977 B.S. in Engineering Technology from Texas A&M

OCCUPATION: Salesman; electronics, computers

HOBBIES: Woodworking


RESIDENCES: 1818 Augusta #7; Houston, TX 77057

Marilyn Kay Braduch

Marilyn Kay Braduch


EDUCATION: B.S. in Elementary Education, Texas A&M, 1977


HOBBIES: drawing, painting, sewing, ceramics, needlework

19280. Mark Edward Conger

Mark Edward Conger

BIRTH-QUESTION: Was the birth place, Harlingen, Cameron Co., TX?

Helen Elizabeth Davis

Helen Elizabeth Davis

NAME-CONFLICT: Helen Elizabeth Davis Page, CFA II, p. 160.

SPOUSE: Helen Elizabeth Davis was the 2nd wife of Leon Jerry Conger.

Robert T. Mc Colgin

Robert T. McColgin

NAME-CONFLICT: Robert McColgia, CFA I; Robert T. McColgin, CFA II, p. 368