Descendants of John Belconger JR


13479. Yvonne Carol Powell

Yvonne Carol Powell

AKA: Vauni

Wilton Padgett

Wilton Padgett

OCCUPATION: Butcher for Safeway Stores in Julesburg, CO

13480. Geneva Elvira Leonard

Geneva Elvira Leonard

NAME-CONFLICT: Middle name of Elvira listed on p. 361 of CFA II. Elmira listed on p. 378 of CFA II.

Paul Hutchison

Paul Hutchison

NAME-CONFLICT: Paul Hutchinson; Paul Hutchison in CFA II, p. 342.


APPEARANCE-TRAITS: They are "average Americans who love each other and try to help anyone who needs it."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 342 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

17557. Lauretta Pauline Hutchison

Lauretta Pauline Hutchison

PARENTS: Paul Hutchinson and Geneva Elvira Leonard

NAME-CONFLICT: Loretta Hutchinson (CFA II, p. 378); Lauretta Pauline Hutchison in CFA II, p. 342.

Billie Francis Monahan

Billie Francis Monahan

OCCUPATION: Worked for Hallmark Co., in Kansas City, MO

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Sunday school teacher and Scout Leader

17558. Wendal Paul Hutchison

Wendal Paul Hutchison

PARENTS: Paul Hutchinson and Geneva Elvira Leonard

OCCUPATION: Meat cutter

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Loved to meet people, liked hunting dogs, outdoor sportsman

17559. Donald Wayne Hutchison

Donald Wayne Hutchison

PARENTS: Paul Hutchinson and Geneva Elvira Leonard

17560. Dale Gene Spence

Dale Gene Spence

13481. Emil Donald Leonard

Emil Donald Leonard

NAME-CONFLICT: Emile Leonard in CFA I.

OCCUPATION: Retired from manufacturing of iron and pre-cast concrete.

Florence Levida Dowdy

Florence Levida Dowdy

NAME-CONFLICT: Florence Doudy in CFA I.

17561. Franklin Douglas Leonard

Franklin Douglas Leonard

PARENTS: Emil Donald Leonard and Florence Levida Dowdy

DIVORCE: The marriage of Franklin Douglas Leonard and Susan Oesterich ended in divorce in May or Mar 1966. CFA II, p. 361 lists two different months for the divorce.

Nancy Ellen Frojd

Nancy Ellen Frojd

SPOUSE: Nancy Ellen Frojd was the 2nd spouse of Franklin Douglas Leonard.

17562. Donald Leslie Leonard

Donald Leslie Leonard

PARENTS: Emil Donald Leonard and Florence Levida Dowdy

OCCUPATION: Owner of Leonard's Unit Step of Moline, IL

17563. Daniel Ray Leonard

Daniel Ray Leonard

PARENTS: Emil Donald Leonard and Florence Levida Dowdy

17564. Levida Dawn Leonard

Levida Dawn Leonard

PARENTS: Emil Donald Leonard and Florence Levida Dowdy

17565. Tisha Rochelle Kent

Tisha Rochelle Kent

PARENTS: Frank Joseph Kent and Hazel Marie Leonard

OCCUPATION: Worked in a store

HOBBIES: Sewing.

Gary Lynn Latham

Gary Lynn Latham

PARENTS: Vernon Clark Latham and Harriett Louise Dale

OCCUPATION: Race car driver until ill health prevented it; cement worker

HEALTH_HISTORY: At the age of 11 it was discovered that he had diabetes. He lost most of his eyesight, had bad kidneys and nerves destroyed.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 359 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

QUESTION-MARRIAGE: Could the place of marriage have been, Confidence, Wayne Co., IA?

13483. Darlene Jennie Leonard

Darlene Jennie Leonard

Problem: Was she Darlene Jennie Leonard or as listed in CFA II, p. 320, Jennie Darlene Leonard?

C. John Goetz

C. John Goetz

Problem: Was the marriage 29 Aug 1944 or 29 Sep 1994? CFA II, p. 361 lists, 29 Sep 1944.

NAME-CONFLICT: John A. Goetz; C. John Goetz, CFA II, p. 361

13484. Charles Raymond Leonard

Charles Raymond Leonard

DIVORCE: The marriage of Charles Leonard and Margaret Bishop ended in divorce.

Problem: Was his middle name, Ray or Raymond? CFA II, lists both on p. 361.

OCCUPATION: Owner of gas station and cafe at Bloomfield, IA

Lucy Angeline Bishop

Lucy Angeline Bishop

OCCUPATION: Ran family cafe.

Scott Eugene Larson

Scott Eugene Larson

OCCUPATION-RESIDENCES: Postal Clerk at Council Bluffs, IA

Danny E. Swarts

Danny E. Swarts

AKA: Dan E. Swarts

17574. Raymond Leonard

Raymond Leonard

RESEARCHER: Raymond Leonard was interested in genealogy. He contacted Dick Henthorn in March 2002. Email:

Margaret Charles

Margaret Charles

SPOUSE: Margaret Charles was the 2nd wife of Charles Leonard.

CONFLICT: CFA II, p. 361 does not show any children for the marriage of Charles Raymond Leonard and Margaret Charles. Aren't Margaret, Charles R., and Jamie John Leonard children of this marriage, rather than of the first marriage, as they are listed?

13493. Wilma Alice Boden

Wilma Alice Boden

BIRTH: Wilma Boden was born on 25 Feb 1914, 6 months after her father's death. She and her mother lived with Wilma's Boden grandparents until her mother remarried.

HALF-SIBLINGS: Wilma had a half-brother, 8 1/2 years younger

RESIDENCES: She grew up in Franklin Township, Appanoose Co., IA
RESIDENCES: As of Dec 1994, 335 West State, #303; Cassopolis, MI 49031
RESIDENCES: As of Feb 1996, Cessopolis, MI

RESEARCHER-ORGANIZATIONS: Wilma (Boden) Barnett was a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) based on her Conger family ancestors. She shared information with Joyce Posey.
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

RECOLLECTIONS: "One of the Conger brothers had a steam engine. One day, the whistle of the steam engine blew and blew. One of the other brothers stated, "He must be in trouble or he wouldn't blow that whistle." Sure enough that Conger had a fire."
(Furnished to Joyce Posey by Wilma (Boden) Barnett)

RECOLLECTIONS: Wilma Barnett wrote to Maxine Leonard on 18 Nov 1993. "I enjoyed the current Confab, as I saw Siegel and Wallace [Conger] once when my grandmother [Fidelia (Morrison)] Boden had 2 of her sisters visiting from NB and WY. I was 12 and they took me with them to visit relatives in Ottumwa, IA. We called on Wallace [Conger] and Seigel [Conger] was at his home that day. Good memories.
(Source: Conger Confab, Vol. XX, No. 4, Dec 1994)

Murtaugh Clark Barnett

Murtaugh Clark Barnett

REFERENCE: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 696 - Maxine Crowell Leonard

AKA: Called, Barney

CHILDREN: 3 sons, 3 daughters, 16 grandchildren, 23 great grandchildren

COMMENT: Not found on the SSDI

13495. Roy Truman Conger

Roy Truman Conger

PARENTS: Finis Truman Conger and Mary Elizabeth Stephens

Birth: Batch #: 8411701, Sheet #: 91, Source Call #: 1395771
2 Jul 1915, Roy T. Conger, Brewster, Blaine, Nebraska

Problem: Was the date of birth, 2 Jul 1915 or 2 Jul 1916? Both dates listed.
(Source: The Conger Family of America - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

OCCUPATION: machinist

SS Death Index: Roy Conger; b. 2 Jul 1915; issued: NE; d. Oct 1982;
last place of residence: Valencia, CA; zipcode: 91355; SSN: 508-14-9144

17587. Carolyn Lorrene Conger

Carolyn Lorrene Conger


John Steven Payne

John Steven Payne

OCCUPATION: Transport driver


NO_ISSUE: There was no issue of the marriage of John Steven Payne and Carolyn Lorrene Conger.

13497. Robert Lee Conger

Robert Lee Conger

PARENTS: Finis Truman Conger and Mary Elizabeth Stephens

OCCUPATION: Supervised precision tool grinding and trained new employees in the art.

HOBBIES: Robert played the guitar and his wife, Mildred, was a church pianist and organist for 45 years. They were involved in the music entertainment field for 30 years and had a record album entitled, "Precious Memories." They were on the radio many years as "Bob and Mildred," featuring gospel music for the sick and shut-ins. They attended all of the Conger-gregations until Mildred's death on 26 Oct 1989.
(Source: The Conger Family of America - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

RESIDENCES: 802 W. 27th, Kearney, NE 68847

EMIGRATION: Moved to Missouri after his 2nd marriage.

RECOLLECTIONS: Robert and Mildred Conger visited Maxine Crowell Leonard one morning in August 1971. Genealogy time was used to the utmost for Robert as Mildred washed the Leonard's dishes.

Robert said his father homesteaded in Nebraska at the age of 18. His mother, Bessie, went to Nebraska to live with her sister, and she too took up a homestead. [Note: Robert Guilinger points out that the first 2 sentences of this paragraph should read: Robert said his father moved to near Brewster, Nebraska at the age of 18 and took up a kincaid. His mother, Bessie, went to Nebraska to live with her sister, and she too took up a kincaid. A kincaid is 640 acres while a homestead is only 160 acres. REH] Finis and Bessie each had 640 acres when they married, and later accrued 2380 acres. They lived six months on one homestead and six months on the other to meet the federal stipulations for a claim. Finis had lied about his age to the government, and later, when he became a Christian, this bothered him. He wrote to Washington to confess and he was forgiven.

Robert had the privilege of bequeathing a family walking stick to his first grandson, Andrew Ival Conger. This stick was made in the early 1800's by Joseph Tibbles, called, "Uncle Joe." It was made for one of his Conger progenitors--for Finis's father, Sigel, or Sigel's father, Elias, or for Elias's father, Enos. Traditionally it has been passed on to the oldest son to his oldest son. It was given to Robert when Ival was born because his three brothers all had daughters.

Whoever it was made for, Uncle Joe reputedly was very particular.

"It is a hickory stick. He hunted all over the woods until he found the branch he wanted. Then he tied it. And in two or three years he returned to it, and it had grown straight by that time," Robert said.

"After he cut it, he threw it up in the barn and left it for a year. After that year was up, he went and got it. He peeled the bark off of it and threw it up there for another year."

"The next year he began to whittle. The walking stick was carved into four separate segments with each segment made in the form of a different tool handle: a hammer, ax, adz and mall," he said. "Once each of the handles was carved, the wood was smoothed with a piece of broken glass. There was no sandpaper in those days."

In keeping with the tradition of handing down the walking stick, Robert has made an old fashioned baby cradle for each of his four daughters and his son. The cradles are to be handed down from generation to generation. Some are made from walnut and some from cherry. Mildred contributed to this project by making the spindles, covering the foam mattresses and making the linens. They made 6 large cradles and 9 small ones.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 445, also in a newspaper clipping with photos on an unnumbered page - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

OCCUPATION: Retired in 1982 from Rockwell International

RESIDENCES: Nov 1996, 230 Westmont Ave.; West Plains, MO 65775

Mildred Lucille Loy

Mildred Lucille Loy

PARENTS: Chester Loy and Ethel Maggie Fauss

SPOUSE: Mildred Lucille Loy was first married to Lawrence Fox who died on 10 Dec 1934.

OCCUPATION: Public school teacher for 25 years

HOBBIES: Playing music. Making wood fiber flowers. Doing excellent cooking.

Individual: Conger, Mildred
Social Security #: 507-36-9453
Issued in: Nebraska
Birth date: Dec 31, 1907
Death date: Oct 26, 1989
ZIP Code of last known residence: 68847
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Kearney, Nebraska
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Mar 17, 2001, Internal Ref. #]

17589. Linda Lorraine Conger

Linda Lorraine Conger

PARENTS: Robert Lee Conger and Mildred Lucille Loy

Problem: Was her middle name, Lorraine or Louise?

OCCUPATION: Excellent typist and shorthand speed writer.

Nelson Hinkle

Nelson Hinkle

PARENTS: William Henry Hinkle and Mary Ella Trew

OCCUPATION: High school principal

17590. Ival Robert Conger

Ival Robert Conger

PARENTS: Robert Lee Conger and Mildred Lucille Loy

OCCUPATION: machinist

RESIDENCES: 165 Greenfield; Newark, OH 43055

COMMENT: On 21 Mar 1970, Ival Robert Conger wrote, "My father is even more thrilled at the thought of finally finding out about his ancestors. He has tried for several years to trace our family back, but has not been very successful. One interesting point about our family is that from Charles Seigel Conger to the present day there is only one male Conger left to carry on the name in our line. That dubious distinction falls to me."
(Source: The Conger Family of America - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

SS Death Index: Ival Conger; b. 1 Jun 1943; issued: NE; d. May 1987;
last place of residence: ; zipcode: ; SSN: 505-52-4425

Eunice Almeda Green

Eunice Almeda Green

AKA: Probably called, Almeda.

17591. Mildred Joanne Conger

Mildred Joanne Conger

PARENTS: Robert Lee Conger and Mildred Lucille Loy

COMMENT: Mildred is, "a girl with a ready smile who never knew a stranger; a wonderful mother and loving daughter."
(Source: The Conger Family of America I, p. 767 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Gale Millsap

Gale Millsap


Zalla Gertrude Ballinger

Zalla Gertrude Ballinger

PARENTS: Simon Frank Ballinger and Laura Keys

SPOUSE-RESIDENCES: Zalla Gertrude Ballinger was the 2nd wife of Robert Lee Conger. She was first married 16 Oct 1938 to Guy Edmonds. Bob and Zalla first met on a tour to the Holy Land in 1969. The tour group had several reunions after that. When Bob's first wife, Mildred died, Zalla was a widow. As of Dec 1993 the couple lived in Zalla's home in West Plains, MO.

AKA: Listed as, Zalla Sweet in Vol. XIX, No. 4, Dec 1993 of Conger Confab

AKA: Zalla Sweeton in CFA II, p. 711

13498. Mary Pauline Conger

Mary Pauline Conger

PARENTS: Finis Truman Conger and Mary Elizabeth Stephens

Frederick J. Kendall

Frederick J. Kendall

NAME-CONFLICT: Fritz Kendall by Robert L. Conger in article he wrote about his parents.

RESIDENCES: As of 1993, California

13501. Ruth Elizabeth Conger

Ruth Elizabeth Conger

HOBBIES: Rock Hounding

Perry Oliver Roundtree

Perry Oliver Roundtree


HOBBIES: hunting, fishing, and rock hounding

RESIDENCES: Box 103; Midvale, ID 83645

13504. Mary Lou Conger

Mary Lou Conger

PARENTS: 3rd child of Lowell Edward Conger and Elizabeth Patten.

OCCUPATION: Worked for telephone company

RESIDENCES: As of April 1961, Mrs. Robert (Mary Lou) Thompson of Grinnell, IA

RECOLLECTIONS: Mary Lou Thompson of Montezuma, IA writes as follows: My mother, Elizabeth Patten Conger, was born in a corn crib, which was a temporary home after her parent's home was burned down at Milford, IA, on May 8, 1893.

Shortly after this they moved to Brooklyn, IA on a farm where she lived until her marriage to Lowell Edward Conger.

My dad was the son of Charles Seigel Conger. My father was the 7th of 8 sons, all born in Appanoose county in Iowa. He and many others came to Powesheik county in the fall to pick corn.

My folks got acquainted and were married. Dad farmed for a while and they had two sons who died at [the] age of 10 days & 18 months. They they had me and Alice.

In 1932 they moved to Lemons, MO, which was a small town close to Unionville, MO. We lived there until 1943, while Dad farmed and raised cattle.

I don't remember a great deal about Granddad except going to visit him where he lived on a acreage on the edge of Unionville. He drove a Ford card which he had to crank to start and every time he stopped in town the motor would die and he had to get out and crank. Also, he had a Loganberry patch which had beautiful big black berries to us who were used to wild dewberries.

Granddad lived with us the winter I started to school and he took me on horseback when the weather was bad.

We used to go visit Uncle Wallace at Cincinnati, [IA]. I don't know for sure if he was really an uncle or if they were the family who raised Granddad after his mother died.
[Note by Maxine Leonard: (Joseph) Wallace Conger, [b. 24 Dec] 1863 was [indeed] the uncle [of Charles Seigel Conger, b. 8 Aug 1862] -- [Wallace was] the half brother of [Charles' father] Elias Gregory [Conger b.] 1843. He was only 2 years older than Seigel [Conger]. Note by REH: The last sentence is in error. The nephew was over a year older than his uncle.]

I 1943, Dad sold out and we moved to Longmount, CO. Dad worked in a flour mill and we girls loved it there. It was such a new experience to live in town and go to a big town school. Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jake Whitmore lived in the same town. I think that was the reason Dad chose to move there.

In February 1944, we moved back to Brooklyn, IA. The following summer my folks separated and Dad moved to Harrisburg, MO on a farm. He remarried while living there, but had no children. He moved to Grinnell, [IA] in 1959 and died in 1961 and is buried in Brooklyn, IA.

When I graduated from high school, Mom, Alice and I moved to Grinnell. Alice married Branford Hitchison and has a girl and 2 boys. Alice and her husband live in Buffalo, IA. Their girl, Debra, married Bobby Phillips and live[d] in Briceville, TN; [they] have a girl, Misty, and a boy, Mathew. Their son, Richard lives in Davenport, [IA] and son, Douglas has [a] son, Mike, also in Davenport.

I married Robert Thompson in 1948 and we have 5 sons. We live at Montezuma, [IA] now on a private lake. We lived at Grinell for many years. Bob retired from Fisher Govener at Marshalltown and I from General Telephone in Grinnell. Bob and I have done quite a bit of travelling since retirement. We've been to Hawaii, a Caribean cruise, and a tour to 8 countries in Europe. Also a trip to Idaho to visit my cousin, Ruth, daughter of Uncle Ira. We had not seen each other since we were 11 years old.

Mom lived with us a number of years and then moved into an elderly housing apartment where she lived 12 years until she fell and cracked her pelvis. She went to the nursing home in 1985. He health is quite good for being 100 years old.

Her medicine was always a cup of coffee and an aspirin for whatever ailed her. Even now she takes no medicine. She is feeble and in a wheelchair. Her memory is not so good but [she] has no aches or pains.

She loves to sing and remembers all the words to songs at Sing-Alongs. She also does math problems in her head.

We had a five generation picture taken on her 100th birthday.
(Source: Conger Confab, Vol. XIX, No. 4, Dec 1993 - written by Mary Lou Thompson, included photographs of the 100th birthday celebration, the Lowell Edward Conger family and Seigel Conger with his Ford)

Robert Gene Thompson

Robert Gene Thompson

RESIDENCES: Grinnell, IA for many years. As of Dec 1993, Montezuma, IA

OCCUPATION: Factory worker