Descendants of John Belconger JR


12742. Charles Ray Conger

Charles Ray Conger

OCCUPATION: Asst. Bank Cashier; self employed, Conger's Bookkeeping and Tax Service

RESIDENCES: 314 N. College; Paris, TN 38242

12743. William Barry Conger

William Barry Conger

OCCUPATION: Electrician

RESIDENCES: 1117 Palmer Drive; Paris, TN 38242

Lottie Fay Taylor

Lottie Fay Taylor

BIRTH-COMMENT: The birth place, McKenzie, TN, lies in three counties.

OCCUPATION: Ceramic decorator

16824. William Gary Conger

William Gary Conger


DIVORCE: The marriage of William Gary Conger and Louise Moon ended in divorce.

Deborah Featherston

Deborah Featherston

SPOUSE: Deborah Featherston Marshal was the 2nd wife of William Gary Conger. She had a daughter, Carrie Marshal.

16825. Donald Ray Conger

Donald Ray Conger

DIVORCE: The marriage of Donald Ray Conger and Sheila Diane Dodd ended in divorce in Oct 1981.

12744. Joe Fritz Conger

Joe Fritz Conger


OCCUPATION: works in a machine shop

HOBBIES: Coon hunting, fiddling

12745. Louis Houston Conger

Louis Houston Conger

NAME-CONFLICT: Lewis Houston Conger, (CFA I, p. 157); Louis Houston Conger, (CFA II, p. 163)

MILITARY: Served in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict

OCCUPATION: Machine operator

HOBBIES: fishing, music (guitar)

16827. Martha Ann Conger

Martha Ann Conger

EDUCATION: Graduate of Henry County, TN High School in May 1971

OCCUPATION: Factory worker

Robert Lueco Porter

Robert Lueco Porter

DIVORCE: The marriage ended in divorce in May 1978.

EDUCATION: 8th grade education

MILITARY: Joined the National Guard in 1976

OCCUPATION: Factory worker

HOBBIES: Drawing and playing guitar

16828. Ronald Houston Conger

Ronald Houston Conger

DIVORCE: The marriage ended in divorce.

William Lindley

William Lindley

DIVORCE: The marriage ended in divorce.

16830. Joe Randall Conger

Joe Randall Conger

AKA: Probably called, Randy

Melvin Le Roy Sanders

Melvin LeRoy Sanders

AKA: Melvin Souders (CFA); Melvin LeRoy Sanders (CFA I, p. 785)

OCCUPATION: Livestock dealer


12750. James Robert Conger

James Robert Conger


Rebecca Pauline Robinson

Rebecca Pauline Robinson

AKA: Roberson in CFA I, p. 261 & 560, Robinson in CFA II, p. 158 & 182. Roberson should be changed to Robinson, per CFA II, p. 725.

AKA: Called Polly,

16833. James David Conger

James David Conger

Problem: Place of death, Buchanan, Henry Co., TN. Memphis, Shelby Co., TN has also been listed, CFA II, p. 701.

MILITARY: James David Conger volunteer for service in early 1966. He was injuried in Vietnam in 1968 and discharged in 1969.

HOBBIES: Loved his CB radio.

OCCUPATION: Self employed

DEATH-PUBLIC_SERVICE: He was killed when a power line fell on him while he was serving as a volunteer fire fighter.

Individual: Conger, James
Social Security #: 408-80-0236
Issued in: Tennessee
Birth date: Mar 23, 1947
Death date: Sep 1976
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 11, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

Ruth Ann Lovett

Ruth Ann Lovett

OCCUPATION: Factory worked

HOBBIES: Loved to sew

MARRIAGE: She married 2nd, Jerry Hunt and had a daughter, Melissa Lynn Hart [sic].
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 125 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

16834. Rebecca Joyce Conger

Rebecca Joyce Conger

AKA: Probably called, Joyce, CFA II., p. 696

DEATH: 1 Jan 1979 in a car accident, near Paris, TN (CFA II, p. 696)

Robert Chesley Bennett

Robert Chesley Bennett

DIVORCE: The marriage of Robert Chesley Bennett and Joyce Conger ended in divorce.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 696 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

MILITARY: Served in the U.S. Marine Corps

OCCUPATION: Factory worker

16835. Larry Mitchell Conger

Larry Mitchell Conger


Glen Albert Butler

Glen Albert Butler

DIVORCE: The marriage of Glen Albert Butler and Mary Ruth Conger ended in

16837. Paul Frederick Conger

Paul Frederick Conger


MILITARY: National Guard

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Tackled and completed any odd job that comes his way, very often as a favor.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 182 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

RESIDENCES: Rt. 1, Box 256-B; Paris, TN

Ann Marie Freeland

Ann Marie Freeland

HOBBIES: Sewing and reading

16838. John Richard Conger

John Richard Conger

OCCUPATION: Brick layer's helper

NAME-CONFLICT: Listed as Richard J. Conger in CFA I, should be John Richard Conger, per CFA II, p. 722. Listed as Richard J. Conger in CFA II, p. 244.

Coweta Lee Puffer

Coweta Lee Puffer

MARRIAGE: Coweta Puffer had a daughter by a prior marriage to Ed Whitt, Tabitha Lee Whitt, born 30 Aug 1981.

John D. Parrish

RESIDENCES: Route 6, Paris, TN

12752. Martha Jane Conger

Martha Jane Conger

DIVORCE: Martha Jane Conger was divorced from Mr. Redden.

Brack Willis Boone

Brack Willis Boone

BIRTH-QUESTION: In what county did the birth take place?

DIVORCE: The marriage of Brack Willis Boone and Donna Jane Redden ended in divorce.

Robert Earl Cook

Robert Earl Cook

SPOUSE: Robert Earl Cook was the second spouse of Donna Jane Redden.

12753. William Joseph Conger

RESIDENCES: Route 1; Paris, TN 38242

16843. Roger Allen Conger

Roger Allen Conger

MILITARY: Tennessee Army National Guard, 890th Engineers


Joann Evans

Joann Evans

OCCUPATION: Shipping clerk

HOBBIES: Collects baskets

16844. Charles Robert Conger

Charles Robert Conger

NAME-CONFLICT: Charles Albert Conger in CFA I. Charles Robert Conger in CFA II, p. 240.

MILITARY: Served in the Tennessee National Guard

OCCUPATION: Worked in food processing

Paula Kay Carroll

Paula Kay Carroll

OCCUPATION: Baker manager, liked to decorate cakes

12754. William Lawrence Conger

William Lawrence Conger

OCCUPATION: Factory worker

RESIDENCES: 1260 Dix; Southgate, MI

12757. Phillip Edward Conger

Phillip Edward Conger

OCCUPATION: Guitar player and singer, had his own band, "Motor City Cowboys."


RESIDENCES: 6482 Gloria; Wayne, MI 48184

Theresa Darden

Theresa Darden


Lloyd Kruger

RESIDENCES: 1806 Market Street; Metropolis, IL