Descendants of John Belconger JR


12672. Glenn John Conger

Glenn John Conger

RESIDENCES: 8629 Martony Lange; Berkely, MO

Marjorie Volker

Marjorie Volker

Problem: Surname listed as, Voelker and Volker in CFA I.

Walter Bender

Walter Bender

DIVORCE: The marriage of Mr. Bender and Yvonne Conger ended in divorce.

Rex Leland Hammerly

Rex Leland Hammerly

DIVORCE: A marriage of Rex Hammerly to an unknown person ended in divorce.

RELATIONSHIP: Rex Leland Hammerly and his wife, Yvonne Conger, were first cousins. Their common ancestor was, William Lemuel Conger. According to their aunt, Nora (Conger) Belford, "They had quite a crush on each other when Yvonne graduated from high school in 1948, but both married other partners and both subsequently divorced. They met again after many years and decided they would get married after all."

OCCUPATION: Engr and Arts

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Sculptor, painter, inventor, philospher, guitarist, writer -- and poor speller.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 744 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

12676. James W. Conger

James W. Conger


ORGANIZATIONS: Member National Railway Historical Society


RESIDENCES: 1150 Jameson Road; Memphis, TN 38122

Sarah M. Parchman

Sarah M. Parchman


16751. James Gordon Conger

James Gordon Conger

RESIDENCES: 28816 Greencastle; Farmington, MI 48024

Shirley Mae Anderson

Shirley Mae Anderson

NAME-CONFLICT: Shirley Ann Anderson

16752. Jerry Ronald Conger

Jerry Ronald Conger

BIRTH: 3 Mar 1936, CFA I, p. 267 and CFA II, p. 701; 2 Mar 1936 elsewhere

HEALTH_HISTORY: Jerry Ronald Conger was a quadriplegic, resulting from a broken
neck sustained in a diving accident, in the Ohio River, at the age of 15.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 416 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

OCCUPATION: Writer, who typed with a mouth stick

RESIDENCES: Box 571; Rosiclare, IL 62982

BIOGRAPHY: Rosiclare, Illinois Man, 36, Writes (Hard Way) - Disabled But Busy
Jerry Conger, 36, is a writer.

He also is a quadriplegic. For the past 20 years he has not walked, played basketball, turned the pages of a book with is fingers. When he was 15, he dived to the bottom of the Ohio River and broke his neck.

He has no use of his legs or the fingers of his hands. His vehicle is a wheelchair. He can move his arms to some extent and is able, with the help of arm splints, to feed himself.

In the ensuing years the Rosiclare native has discovered his goal in life - to become a published author. He always has been interested in writing, but he became seriously interested about 10 years ago.

He devotes his afternoons to long sessions at his carriageless electric typewriter which is stationed in the living room of the home he shares with his mother, Mrs. Hazel Conger. Conger types by using a mouthstick.

The mouthstick is a quarter inch dowel stick capped with a teeth-moulded acrylic mouthpiece and tipped with an eraser. It was while he was in therapy at the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Peoria, IL that an occupational therapist suggested the mouthstick.

The instrument has opened up a new world for Conger. It is the world of the mind. It is a world where he can go anywhere he wants, do whatever he feels like, and create a universe all his own. In the past 10 years he has written novels, a few dozen short stories, and a number of poems, as well as numerous other articles. It is with the articles and poems he has had success. An article he did on himself appeared in the June 1971, issue of "The Exceptional Parent." This is a magazine for parents of children with disabilities.

In the article he told of his mouthstick and his love for writing and his philosophy about himself. He does not live in the past, although the past is an important part of life for him and he draws some of his fiction from it. But this is not his dwelling place. He writes and his writing keeps him geared toward the future.

Conger was in the hospital for three months after his accident but he was able to receive his diploma with the rest of his graduating high school class. After high school, he took a number of correspondence courses through the University of Illinois. The courses included rhetoric, literature, and psychology.

Serious fiction is what interests Conger the most. He turns out an average of 2,000 words each afternoon. So far he has not been successful with having his fiction published. Fiction is the hardest market to break into and, with so many magazines folding, Conger finds the obstacles on the road to being published are large.

But he keeps writing. Two more articles have been accepted by "The Exceptional Parent." He received mention in recent issues of "Time" and the "Saturday Review" in connection with the new magazine. "Time" carried a quote from his article -- "One Adjusts to Realities. I Try to Forge Ahead."

Although fiction is his first love, Conger also writes articles which require a good deal of research. Although the Rosiclare library is small, there is a good library system in Illinois which allows libraries to borrow from larger libraries such as the one at Springfield. The research for his articles also comes from government books and brochures.

A writer must be willing to accept any assignment. Perhaps the oddest assignment Conger tackled was an article on the louse. Robert Burns wrote a poem on the louse, so Conger decided maybe there was a louse market somewhere out there in publishing land. To his dismay one magazine informed him that it had already published an article on the louse.

Like Ireland's famed Christy Brown, the author who is completely paralyzed and types out joyous novels such as "Down All the Days" with his left foot, Conger has overcome numerous obstacles. He is not bitter. He is not angry over what has come to be his fate. He adjusts as best he can.

In his article for "The Exceptional Parent," Conger wrote: "One does not accept the unacceptable. One adjusts to realities, living always with hope. I try to forge ahead as everyone else does, fully aware that life may never be full, but determined never to accept less than I must. This doesn't mean I never despair. Depression, a sense of frustration and failure, lurk just outside conscious thought, ready to spring when something goes wrong."
(Source: Sun-Democract, 23 Mar [1972?] by Barry Eysman, Staff Writer - The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

REFERENCE: There are samples of some of Jerry Conger's writing in CFA I, p. 267-272.

16753. Norman Eugene Conger

Norman Eugene Conger

OCCUPATION: Electronics tech


Janet Marie Myrick

Janet Marie Myrick

OCCUPATION: Telephone clerk

12690. Armella Conger

Armella Conger

NAME-CONFLICT: (Mary) Armella Conger, CFA II, p. 379

16754. Bobby Joe Moore

Bobby Joe Moore

MILITARY: Chief Warrant Officer, is in full time service with the Nevada National Guard. Twenty-nine years of service as of Feb 1982.

Norman Leon Suits

Norman Leon Suits

CONFLICT-BIRTH: His birth place was listed in CFA as, Cave In Rock, Hardin Co., KY.
The 1995 Rand McNally Commercial Atlas doesn't list such a place in Kentucky. There is however, a Cave In Rock (Cave-In-Rock), Hardin Co., IL. Both spellings shown in the atlas.

12694. Taft Lester Holt

RELATIONSHIP: Grandfather of researcher Kenneth Allgood

12701. Ralph Clifton Conger

Ralph Clifton Conger

AKA: Probably called, Clifton; Ralph on the SSDI; Clifton in his obituary


RESIDENCES: Rt. 2; Eddyville, KY 42038


OBITUARY: [Ralph] Clifton Conger
Clifton Conger, 75, of Eddyville, [KY] died Tuesday March 18 [1997] at 11 a.m. at his home in Lyon County, [KY].

A member of Fairview United Methodist Church and a World War II Army veteran, he was a son of the late Henry E. and Margaret Glascow Conger.

He was preceded in death by two brothers, Charley Ben Conger and Alton Conger, and two sisters Willie White and Mattie Lee Castleberry.

Survivors include his wife, Juanita Conger, two sons, Scottie Conger and Darrel Conger both of Eddyville; four grandchildren; one great grandchild; three sisters, Elsie Davenport and Newton Cash, both of Princeton, and Edna White of Eddyville and several nieces and nephews. ...

Burial followed in Providence Cemetery in Lyon County.
(Source: unknown - published in the Dec 2000 issue of Conger Confab, p. 293 & 292)

Individual: Conger, Ralph
Social Security #: 406-14-8651
Issued in: Kentucky
Birth date: Aug 22, 1921
Death date: Mar 18, 1997
ZIP Code of last known residence: 42038
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Eddyville, Kentucky
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 13, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

Juanita Rose Scott

Juanita Rose Scott

OCCUPATION: Factory worker


COMMENT: Living as of Mar 1997

16757. Ralph Scott Conger

Ralph Scott Conger

AKA: Scottie Conger in the obituary of his father

RESIDENCES: As of Mar 1997, Eddyville, KY

16758. Darrell Eltie Conger

Darrell Eltie Conger

NAME-CONFLICT: Darrel [sic] Conger in the obituary of his father


MILITARY: 807th Combat Support Hospital, U.S. Army Reserves


RESIDENCES: Rt. 2; Eddyville, KY 42038; still in Eddyville, KY as of Mar 1997

Caroletta Elizabeth Vinson

Caroletta Elizabeth Vinson


12704. Eunice Augusta Davis

Eunice Augusta Davis

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Liked to serve and read. She helped her mate in his church work.

James Franklin Miller

James Franklin Miller

OCCUPATION-CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Free-Will Baptist minister for 51 years, pastoring churches in Missouri, Texas, North Carolina and Texas. He was Missouri State Free-Will Baptist Moderate for 10 years, National Moderate for 5 years, served on the Board of Trustees of Free Will Baptist College at Nashville, TN.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 376 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

16765. Lee Roy Miller

Lee Roy Miller

MILITARY: 8th Air Force during WWII, stationed in England

EDUCATION: B.S. from Kirksville State Teacher's College [Kirksville, MO]; M.A. George Peabody, Atlanta, GA

OCCUPATION: Retired in May 1985 after 30 years teaching; work in aircraft for 6 years.

Carla Bell Sanders

Carla Bell Sanders

OCCUPATION: Library clerk

HOBBIES: Likes to sew and make quilts

RESEARCHER: Taught genealogy classes

ORGANIZATIONS: Member Uvedate Chapter of DAR

Loren Collins

Loren Collins

MILITARY-DEATH: Died in France during WWII

16768. John Wilson Miller


16775. Unknown Davis

SEX: Male child .

16778. Howard James Davis

Howard James Davis

DIVORCE: The marriage of Howard James Davis and Judy Scott ended in divorce.

Linda Leir

Linda Leir

SPOUSE: Linda Leir was the 2nd spouse of Howard James Davis.