Descendants of John Belconger JR


885. Elizabeth Lawrence

Elizabeth Lawrence

SPOUSE: Elizabeth Lawrence was the 2nd wife of William Devinney.

William Devinney

William Devinney

AKA: Lt. William Devinney, Sr. CFA II, p. 359

RELATIONSHIP-CONFLICT: One page 293 of CFA II it say, "William m/3 Jemima Lawrence Devinney, sister of Elizabeth & widow of his brother Andrew." On page 359 of CFA II, Jemima Lawrence is listed as wife of, Lt. William Devinney Jr. While her sister, Rachel, is listed as the wife of Maj. Andrew Devinney. The children of the 3rd marriage, appear on page 293 of CFA II. They are not included here.

891. James Manning

James Manning

ADOPTION: Adopted by his uncle, Dr. James Manning, the founder of Brown University.

EDUCATION: Salutatorian of his class at Brown University, 2nd honor mn

OCCUPATION: Merchant in New York City

Elizabeth Storm

Elizabeth Storm

AKA: Eliza

BURIAL: Vault at LaFayette Place & 4th Street

QUESTION: In what cemetery is she buried?

2284. James Manning

James Manning

DEATH: Drowned on 23 Jul 1815. "Manning, aged 15, son of the late Mr. Manning, merchant of this city, was drowned last Sunday in Kip's Bay, while trying to save his younger brother, who was rescued by the family dog." (Source: Index of Marriages and Deaths, in New York Weekly Museum, 1788-1817, 29 Jul 1815)

2288. Foreman Manning

Foreman Manning

NAME-CONFLICT: Forman Manning

Rhoda Laffell

Rhoda Laffell

SPOUSE: Rhoda Laffell was the 2nd spouse of Joseph Fitz Randolph.

Isaac Glenn

Issac Glenn

CHILDREN: Several children, but only the name of Edmond Randolph Glenn is listed in CFA II, p. 319.

911. David Stout Randolph

David Stout Randolph

RESIDENCES: David and Mary Randolph first lived in Union Twp., Warren Co., OH until the early 1840's. Then they moved to Elizabeth Twp., Miami Co., OH.

MARRIAGE: David and Mary Randolph's marriage was in Warren Co. OH., license # 2118.
(Source: Sue Reddell, Harrison, AR. descendant of John Randolph, brother of David)

In November of 1852, David Stout and Mary Randolph, moved to Macomb Twp. McDonough Co., IL., and purchased a farm there at Twp 6 N, R 2 W, E 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec 21, and W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Sec 22, 2 miles North and 3 miles East of Macomb, 1/2 mile South of what was then known as Crooked Creek, and is now known as the Lemoine River.

His son, David Leroy, and family also moved with them. David, lived in Macomb for a couple of years and then purchased a farm, two miles North of David Stout's farm, on the other side of the river.

David Stout Randolph, passed the rest of his life on his farm. He died on 29 Jan 1875, and was buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Macomb. Mary, his wife, and their son, John, continued to live on the farm until they passed away. Mary, died on 4 July 1891, and is buried at his side. John died three years later.
(Source: Adrian "Barney" Cook. 90 E. Bonita Ave., Sierra Madre, CA. 91024-2507)

Mary Covert

Mary Covert


2309. Harriet Randolph

Harriet Randolph

DEATH-CEMETERY: Died at the age of 1 year, 10 months, 9 or 11 days. Buried at the Fellowship Cemetery, near South Lebanon, OH. She is buried next to John, Mary and Ellison Covert who are believed to be have been her maternal grandparents and uncle.

2310. Nellie A. Randolph

Nellia A. Randolph

ADOPTION: Nellie A. Randolph was adopted.

CEMETERY: Buried at the Oakwood Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough Co., IL with her adoptive parents.

912. Elizabeth Randolph

Elizabeth Randolph

Elizabeth Hampton was removed from an unknown burial ground to Oakwood Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough Co., IL., in Block 3, Lot 21. Her name is on the FOWLER family stone. She died 29 Nov. 1847, and was buried 30 Nov. 1847. She was age 46 years when she died.

In the same cemetery, the book lists a Benjamine Randolph, Page 138, Block 3, Lot 8, as her sibling. Van Culen Hampton is listed as her spouse.
(Source: Ann Horne to Karen Martin, as of Oct. 1996, Oakwood Cem. Book)

Van Culen Hampton

Van Culen Hampton, Jr.

The marriage record for Van Culen and Elizabeth Hampton was taken from the abstracted marriage records of Warren Co., OH; 27 Feb. 1820 Vanculon Hampton to Elizabeth Randolph. Warr. Source Batch/Film #513, 141 Serial/Sheet 1615, Input Source 384,263-OH IGI.
(Furnished by: Ann Horne to Karen Martin)

2313. Samantha Hampton

Samantha Hampton

COMMENT: In 1850, Samantha Hampton and her future husband made a request for a marriage license at the same time as her sister, Rebecca and her husband.
(Furnished by Karen Martin)

2316. Rachel Ann Hampton

Rachel Ann Hampton

HEALTH_HISTORY-DEATH: Rachel died of consumption at the age of 52 years.
(Furnished by Ann Horne)

Thomas B. Maury

Thomas B. Maury

NAME-CONFLICT: Thomas B. Mauray

OCCUPATION: Druggist in McDonough Co., IL

MARRIAGE: Marriage license #73-622, performed by A.J. Kane, Evangelist
[Note: No date or place listed in the genealogy data. REH]
(Furnished by Ann Horne)

914. John Randolph

John Randolph

BIRTH: 22 Dec 1804, near Lebanon, Union Twp., Warren Co., OH

John Randolph was a farmer and owned a farm in the SW 1/4 of SEC 8, just South of the farm of his father, David, and caty-corner across Columbia Road from the Fellow- ship Church and cemetery. In Beer's History of Warren Co., OH it mentions that John once dug into one of the ancient mounds nearby and found some pottery and other ancient arfifacts. These mounds were believed by the settlers to be fortifications. The largest of these, located across the Little Miami River, to the East of Lebanon, is named Ft. Ancient, and is now a state park.

On the 12th of Aug. 1889, John sold his farm and wrote his will. Eleanor had died the previous year and he knew the end was near for him, also. His daughter, Rebecca Osborn was living with him and taking care of him. John died 5 Sept. 1889. He and his wife are buried in the Fellowship Church Cemetery in South Lebanon.

Eleanor M. Weaver

Eleanor M. Weaver

AKA: Eleanor M. "Ellen" Weaver

PARENTS-EMIGRATION: Her parents came to Warren Co., OH when she was a young child.

2324. Celia Randolph

DEATH: Died in infancy

2325. Rebecca A. Randolph

Rebecca A. Randolph

FATHER: Rebecca took care of her father at home during his last illness.

CEMETERY: According to the Daily Journal of Rev. Stout Hageman, Rebecca died and was buried at Fellowship Cemetery, South Lebanon, Warren Co., OH, 19 Dec 1900.

QUESTION: What was the date of death and what was the date of burial?

Parker B. Osborn

Parker B. Osborn

PROBATE: John Randolph, father-in-law of Parker B. Osborn, specified in his will that none of his money should go to Parker B. Osborn, as he had not done the part of a good and dutiful husband to his wife, Rebecca.

2328. Alivia Randolph

DEATH: Died at age, 2 1/2 on 24 Oct 1841 in Warren Co., OH

940. Enoch Morgan

Enoch Morgan, Jr.

CEMETERY: Buried at the Valley Creek Presbyterian Church in Selma, AL. He was a founding member in 1816/1817.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 381 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

953. Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris

BIRTH: 8 Jan Abt. 1793 (CFA II, p. 328); 8 Jan 1793 (CFA II, p. 356)

Justis Early Lake

Justis Early Lake

NAME-CONJFLICT: Justin (Justus) Lake, CFA II, p. 328; Justis Early Lake (CFA II, p. 356)

2348. Elizabeth Lake

Elizabeth Lake