Descendants of John Belconger JR


10696. William Madison Conger

William Madison Conger

PARENTS: William Madison Conger's parents may have been James William Conger
and Sara Margaret Lindsey of Moody, TX.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 530 - Maxine Crowell

10697. Thomas Dorris Conger

Thomas Dorris Conger



Margaret Deckman

Margaret Deckman


10700. Edward Valles Conger

Edward Valles Conger

COMMENT: Doesn't seem to have his own family group record in CFA I.

NAME-CONFLICT: Edward Valls Conger; Edward Valles Conger (CFA I, p. 221)

Elco Davis

Elco Davis

NAME-CONFLICT: E. Davis; Elco Davis (CFA I, p. 221)

10703. John William Ramsey

John William Ramsey

BIRTH: Muse, LeFlore, Indian Territory, OK, CFA II, p. 400

10704. Roy Stover Drinkard

Roy Stover Drinkard

OCCUPATION: Railroad switchman

BIOGRAPHY: He had numerous talents: photography; Missouri State Rifle and
Revolver Marksmanship champion; painted ceramics; traveled


ORGANIZATIONS: 32nd Degree Mason

DEATH: Tragic railroad accident.

Bessie Ellen Stone

Bessie Ellen Stone

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: A very loving mother, liked sewing, crocheting, cooking, loved music and had a lovely voice

ORGANIZATIONS: Member of the Eastern Star.

10706. Rewey Allen Drinkard

Rewey Allen Drinkard

RELATIONSHIP: Dewey Adam and Rewey Allen Drinkard were twins.

DEATH-CHILDREN-ADOPTION: When Rewey Allen Branch died her husband took off! The three younger children were put in an orphange. Leroy was about 11-12 years old, and walked and worked his meals off, clear to Rockford, Illinois, where he still resides. A family by the name of Taylor adopted the youngest girl and changed her name. They took Naomi too, because she was old enough to be of some help.

Henry Gilpin Branch was adopted by a family called Armstrong. He served in World War II under that name and cannot, as yet, get the government to put his correct name on the records.

It was about 20 years before all of the children found each other again -- through the aid of the Drinkard book.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 299 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

14609. Leroy Branch


14610. Naomi Ruth Branch

RESIDENCES: After the death of her mother lived with the Taylor family.

14611. Henry Gilpin Branch

Henry Gilpin Branch

ADOPTION: After the death of his mother was adopted by the Armstrong family.

MILITARY: Served during WW II, using the Armstrong, surname.

14612. Mary Louise Branch

Mary Louise Branch

ADOPTION: After the death of her mother she was adopted by the Taylor family.

10716. Nathaniel Clarkson Mc Cotter

Nathaniel Clarkson McCotter


Marguerite Mackhardt

Marguerite Mackhardt

SPOUSE: Second spouse of Nathaniel McCotter.

Thelma Berger

Thelma Berger

SPOUSE: Third spouse of Nathaniel McCotter.

10725. Francis Lou Conger

Francis Lou Conger

RESIDENCES: Probably the F.L. Conger who resided at: 2935 Reddington Woods Road; Toledo, OH 43616.

Individual: Conger, Francis
Social Security #: 392-01-7657
SS# issued in: Wisconsin
Birth date: Sep 18, 1911
Death date: Sep 8, 1991
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-L, Ed. 5, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 4, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

10734. Benjamin Willets Conger

Benjamin Willets Conger

OCCUPATION: Supervisor

HOBBIES: Holds private license as an aircraft owner

RESIDENCES: 3706 Hawaii Court North; Pleasanton, CA 94566

10738. William Edward Conger

William Edward Conger


RESIDENCES: 1302 J. Avenue; Anacortes, WA 98221

Sandra Sue Peterson

Sandra Sue Peterson

NAME-CONFLICT: Sandra Sue Patterson, CFA I, p. 309. Sandra Sue Peterson, CFA I, p. 516

QUESTION: What was the maiden name of this person?