Descendants of John Belconger JR


10656. Fred Howard Conger

Fred Howard Conger


RESIDENCES: 65 E. Thorndale; Roselle, IL 60172

Carol Ann Marshall

Carol Ann Marshall




14565. Nathan Scott Conger

Nathan Scott Conger

AKA: Probably called, Scott

10669. Roland John Conger

Roland John Conger

Problem: Was the date of birth, 21 Mar 1914 as listed on p. 302 of CFA I and p. 139 of CFA II or 25 Mar 1914 as listed on p. 428 of CFA I and page 704 of CFA II? 25 Mar 1914 in the SSDI.

RESIDENCES: With 2nd wife, 1263 East Arizona Pl; Anaheim, CA 92805

NAME-CONFLICT: Roland John Conger on p. 302 of CFA I. R.J. Conger on p. 428-429 of CFA I & p. 703 of CFA II.

RECOLLECTIONS-NAME: R.J. Conger wrote, "R.J. Conger was my name until I was in the 7th grade of school. One teacher had to have a name for me so my mother said it was Roland J.

"I left home at age 14 and never came back to stay, but came back once in a while for a month or two. I did all kinds of work, mostly drive a truck, as I do today.

"My father was a small man, very lively and a hard worker, good provider, 5'2" and weighed 115 pounds. He was a house painter. I am 5'5", 140 pounds. My brother is 6 ft. and weighs 190.

"I have lived around here (Anaheim, Clfr) about 30 years now and have driven a truck most of my life. In the 1930's I did anything I could -- cut timber logs, washed dishes, drove a taxi."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 429 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

DEATH-CONFLICT: 15 Feb 1975; 15 Feb 1979 (CFA II, p. 704); Feb 1979 in the SSDI

Individual: Conger, Roland
Social Security #: 526-16-6331
Issued in: Arizona
Birth date: Mar 25, 1914
Death date: Feb 1979
Residence code: California
ZIP Code of last known residence: 92806
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Anaheim, California
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 13, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

Nelda Fay Brewer

Nelda Fay Brewer

SPOUSE: Nelda Fay Brewer was the 2nd spouse of Roland John Conger.

10670. Delbert Dean Conger

Delbert Dean Conger

MILITARY: Pilot with Troop Carrier Comm. Europe 1944-1946; Lt. Col. Air Force Reserve Retired


RESIDENCES: 4324 North O Street; Fort Smith, AR 72901

Lela Marie Colombo

Lela Marie Colombo

MARRIAGE-CHILD: Lela Marie Colombo was first married to a Mr. Malone and had a son, Richard Lee Malone Conger.


10671. James Daniel Ross

James Daniel Ross


10676. Nellie Galena Ross

Nellie Galena Ross

CONFLICT-BIRTH: Was the date of birth, 12 Jan 1899 or as listed in CFA II, p.
408, 13 Jan 1899? Or as listed in CFA II, p. 283, 13 Jan 1889, near Argyle,
Denton, TX? Birth place of Red Oak, Ellis, TX is also listed.

OCCUPATION: First "Hello Girl" for the Red Oak, Texas Telephone Company

James Allen Conner

James Allen Conner


14579. Rowena T. Conner


10680. George William Pierce

Geroge William Pierce

OCCUPATION: Tax assessor, farmer

Doreecie Elizabeth Pitts

Doreecie Elizabeth Pitts

OCCUPATION: County supt for WPA sewing project

HOBBIES: Played piano, organ, liked genealogy

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: The church was the couples biggest interest.

NAME-CONFLICT: Dorcee, CFA II, p. 270

14584. Marianna Pierce

Marianna Pierce

OCCUPATION: Played brass instruments and was a band director at various schools.

Earl Laurin Frost

Earl Laurin Frost

OCCUPATION: Violinist and orchestra leader at Texas Women's University and Denton High School.

10684. Clara May Evans

Clara May Evans

COMMENT: Living in 1991

OCCUPATION: Artist, teacher. Librarian for 25 years of the Kern County Library, McFarland, CA, which was dedicated to and named for her.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 344 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Volunteer nurse

Devereux Jesse Jackson

Devereux Jesse Jackson

OCCUPATION: Builder, contractor, farmer, stock raiser

10686. Aubrey P. Conger

Aubrey P. Conger

DEATH: Aug 1968
(Source: SSDI)

Individual: Conger, Aubrey
Social Security #: 449-18-0288
Issued in: Texas
Birth date: Jan 31, 1896
Death date: Aug 1968
Residence code: Texas
ZIP Code of last known residence: 76645
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Hillsboro, Texas
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jan 8, 2001, Internal Ref. #]

Mamie Chapman

Mamie Chapman

COMMENT: There are two people named Mamie Conger from Hillsboro, TX on the SSDI. One born in 1894 the other in 1897.

10688. Maybeth Conger

Maybeth Conger

BIRTH-QUESTION: In what county was the birth place?

10690. Edwin Thomas Conger

Edwin Thomas Conger

Problem: Was he born in Walnut Springs, TX or Hill Creek Community, Bosque, TX?
Both listed in CFA II, p. 87 & 95.


PUBLIC_SERVICE: City councilman; member Adm Board of Methodist Church; former
school board president

RESIDENCES: Rt. 1, Box 266; Glen Rose, TX 76043

14597. Dale Douglas Conger

Dale Douglas Conger


OCCUPATION: Civil Engineer


RESIDENCES: 5734 Weeping Willow; Houston, TX 77092

Deborah Kay Tiedt

Deborah Kay Tiedt

AKA: Debbie