Descendants of John Belconger JR


739. Alpheus Conger

Alpheus Conger

Problem: Did he died on 7 Jun 1889 or 5 Sep 1885, both listed in CFA I, p. 19 & 379? It appears that 7 Jun 1889 was the date of death of his wife, see CFA I, p. 19. Janet Lu (Conger) Parsons lists the date as, 9 May 1885.

2093. Charles Conger

Charles Conger


2097. Hulda M. Conger

Hulda M. Conger

NAME: Middle initial. "M." (CFA II, p. 718)

2098. Infant Conger

SEX: Female

2101. Juanette Conger

Juanette Conger

NAME-CONFLICT: "dtr Juanette--family bible spelled it Juniette;" (CFA II, p. 718)

750. John Conger

John Conger

Problem: Was he born at Danby, Rutland Co., VT or Moncton, NY? CFA I, lists both.

BIRTH-QUESTION: In what county did the birth occur?

Sophia Ober Prentiss

Sophia Ober Prentiss

AKA: Prentice in Doty-Doten Family, p. 399

Ellen C. Sprague

Ellen C. Sprague

SPOUSE: Ellen C. Sprague was the 2nd wife of James Madison Conger.

752. William Jackson Conger

William Jackson Conger

Problem: Was he born at Danby, Rutland Co., VT or Bangor, NY? CFA I, lists both.

Maryetta Lawrence

Maryetta Lawrence

Problem: Was her first name, Maryetta or Marietta? CFA I, lists both.

753. Daniel Coddington Conger

Daniel Coddington Conger

Problem: Was he born in Danby, Rutland, VT or Bangor, Franklin, NY? Both listed in CFA I.

Problem: Did he die at Evans Center, NY or Buffalo, NY? Both listed in CFA I, p. 94.

Daniel Coddington Conger ran away from his home when 18 years of age and taught singing school on the Canadian Frontier. Later he shipped from a seaport in Maine and went on a four year whaling voyage.

The next he was heard from he was in the U.S. Marine Corps in the Everglades of Florida. He was not heard from again until after the close of the Mexican War, in which he was severely wounded. He went to New York City where he was cared for by the Ladies Aid Society. Normally he was a large man, but at that time he weighed about 90 pounds. He had wounds from a lance in his face and a gunshot wound in his leg.

When the Civil War broke out he had recovered from his wounds sufficiently so he enrolled in a New York Regiment from Buffalo. The exact length of time of this service is not known. He was wounded in one foot at Fort Hudson on the Mississippi River. He was honorably discharged from this service. He died in Buffalo.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 94 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

2128. George James Conger

George James Conger

RESIDENCES: As of 1908, living in Buffalo, NY

2134. David Conger

David Conger


2136. William Johnson Conger

RESIDENCES: As of 1911, Spokane, WA

759. Ara Conger

Ara Conger

DEATH: 12 Jul 1850 Asiatic Cholera

2137. Mount Johnson

Dr. Mount Johnson

RESIDENCES: As of Feb 1911, Venango, Crawford Co., PA

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert

NAME-CONFLICT: Melissa Gillet in CFA I, p. 224 & 455. Melissa Gilbert in CFA II, p. 73.

2139. Parmelia Conger


2140. Sarah Conger