Descendants of John Belconger JR


9548. Olive Elizabeth Hutchinson

Olive Elizabeth Hutchinson

DEATH: Apr 1979
(Source: SSDI)

Individual: Coffman, Olive
Social Security #: 483-44-7809
Issued in: Iowa
Birth date: Dec 31, 1908
Death date: Apr 1979
Residence code: Iowa
ZIP Code of last known residence: 50248
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Story City, Iowa
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Apr 29, 2004, Internal Ref. #]

Glenn Francis Coffman

Glenn Francis Coffman

OCCUPATION: Manager of S. Hanson Lumber Co.; salesman; worked for State Farm Insurance

HOBBIES: Like to dance; drove a race car when young

Individual: Coffman, Glenn
Social Security #: 479-10-9680
Issued in: Iowa
Birth date: Apr 5, 1908
Death date: Apr 1980
Residence code: Iowa
ZIP Code of last known residence: 50248
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Story City, Iowa
ZIP Code of address where death benefit payment was sent: 50248
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Story City, Iowa
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Apr 29, 2004, Internal Ref. #]

13438. Mary Margaret Coffman

Mary Margaret Coffman

RESIDENCES-REFERENCE: As of 1958, 1804 62nd Street; Des Moines, IA, while Richard was attending Drake University and playing on the football team. Article about the couple appeared in the Des Moines Sunday Register on 24 Aug 1958. (CFA I, p. 716)

9554. Maud Louise Homewood

Maud Louise Homewood

AKA: Probably called, Louise

OCCUPATION: Retired teacher

EDUCATION: BS-M of Ed, University of Oregon

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Asst Field Dir American Red Cross WW II SWP Theater

ORGANIZATIONS: DAR, OES, AZ Genealogical Society, National Retired Teachers Association

Chester Arthur Coltharp

Chester Arthur Coltharp, Jr.

OCCUPATION: Test pilot for Boeing Aircraft

EDUCATION: B.S. Oregon State University

MILITARY: WWII Co 345th B.G. 5th AF, DSC (medal)
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 283 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Henry Francis Waring

Henry Francis Waring

SPOUSE: Henry Francis Waring was the 2nd spouse of Louise Homewood.

OCCUPATION: Aeronautical engineer, airplane designer USAF

9556. Helene June Homewood

Helene Jun Homewood

Problem: Birth listed as, 27 Jul 1916 and CFA II, 27 Jun 1916?

OCCUPATION: Retired teacher



Arthur William Brugger

Arthur William Brugger

OCCUPATION: Retired engineer

MILITARY: Navy flyer


HOBBIES: Did Wood carving

RESIDENCES: 3616 Princeton Way; Medford, OR 97501

9560. Rose Powell

Rose Powell

COMMENT: When Charles Powell, the father of Rose (Powell) Dickenson, died she sent a copy of this obituary and a letter to Alexander "Pete" Powell. The letter was dated 10 Sep 1930 and mailed from Litchfield, NE. She signed the letter, Rose and George Dickenson.

DEATH: Clarabelle Cornford of Litchfield, NE remembered that Rose and Daisy Dickenson moved to Oregon and died there.

9562. Jesse A. Powell

Jesse A. Powell

RESIDENCES: 1920, Harrison Twp., Sherman Co., NE

CENSUS: 1920 Census, Sherman Co., Neb., Harrison Twp., #15
Jesse A. Powell, age 28, b. Neb., f,b.Mo.; m,b. Mo.
Mamie, wife, age 21, b. Neb., f,b. Ill; m,b. Neb.
Occupation: General Farmer
(Source: microfilm # T625-998 - date Jan 2,3, 1920. W. Spence Aden- enumerator - furnished by Joyce Posey)

13443. Benjamin Powell

Benjamin Powell

AKA: Benny

Ila Cornford

Ila Cornford

RESIDENCES: As of 2003, Lincoln, NE

COMMENT: In 2003, Robert Powell drove to Litchfield, NE. He went to a local cafe and was put in contact with Mable, who had worked there the longest & knew everybody. She put Bob in contact with Clarabelle Cornford, 93 years old.

Clarabelle remembered Rose (Powell) Dickenson & her daughter, Daisy, but did not remember any of the other Powell's. She said Rose & Daisy had moved to Oregon & died there. Clarabelle gave Bob, Ila (Cornford) Powell's phone number in Lincoln, Neb.

Robert drove there & made contact with ILa, her husband Benny & his brother, Billy. [sons of Jesse & Mamie Powell.] ILa was very helpful with information about Charles Powell. She had photographs of Charles & Rebecca and gave one to Bob. He scanned the photo and sent it to me. Charles Powell looked just like my grandfather, Isaac Powell & his brother Oath. ILa had other family information including the obituaries of Samuel B. Powell and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Bacus, who died in Minatare, Neb. [The youngest brother of William G. Powell.]
(Furnished by Joyce Posey, April 2004)

13444. William Powell

William Powell

AKA: Billy

9565. Charles W. Powell

Charles W. Powell


Bob Powell wrote, Charles W. Powell, my father, moved to Picher [OK] in the fall of 1943.

He and his brother, Joe, were drafted into WWII earlier that year. Because of Dad's age, family and prior mining experience he was transfered into the Enlisted Reserve Corps, with the understanding he would work in the mines at Picher. Joe went to the Philippines. I have a newspaper page from the Chicago Sun, dated 8 Feb 1945, with a picture of him taking a nap in a foxhole.

After the war Joe joined Charles in Picher and worked for Eagle-Picher [mining company] until he retired. He moved back to Lindsay and lived near Delia until he passed away."

After Charles married, he & Ruby moved to Leadville, Colorado, where he worked in the gold mines. He was injured, they moved to Denver to recuperate and then moved back to Lindsay. I [Bob] was born there in 1941. Charles worked in the mines in Picher until they shut down in 1959 and he was laid off.

I joined the Navy and Dad & Mom moved to Kellogg Idaho. He worked the mines there until 1962, contracted emphysema and asthma. He retired on total disability. Returned to Picher, he lived there until he died in 1981. [Charles & Ruby are buried at Picher, Ottawa Co., Okla.] Bob was the only child born.
(Written by only child, Robert Powell - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Ruby Case

Ruby Case

Individual: Powell, Ruby
Social Security #: 447-40-8150
Issued in: Oklahoma
Birth date: May 8, 1909
Death date: Apr 1974
Residence code: Oklahoma
ZIP Code of last known residence: 74360
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Picher, Oklahoma
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 L-Z, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Apr 18, 2004, Internal Ref. #]

9569. Martha E. Powell

Martha E. Powell

RESIDENCES: Are of Clearmont, Sheridan Co., WY for 34 years
RESIDENCES: Dec 1944, Sheridan, WY

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Member of Baptist church

ORGANIZATIONS: President of Clearmont Homemakers Club

CEMETERY: Sheridan Municipal Cemetery, Sheridan, WY

OBITUARY: Martha E. Dooley
Mrs. William Dooley of Clearmont, [WY], died Friday evening at her Sheridan, [WY] home following a long illness. She had made her home in the Clearmont area for 34 years.

Mrs. Dooley was born July 15, 1889, in Missouri and on March 7, 1910, married to Mr. Dooley in Sherican. She was president of the Clearmont Homemaker's Club, and a member of the Baptist Church.

Her survivors are the widower; a son, Albert of Clearmont; two daughters, Sylvia Rosenthal of Buffalo, New York, and Ira Porter of Decker, Montana, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Powell of Moline, Illinois; seven sisters, Mrs. Flossie Van Vark of Prairie City, Iowa, Mrs. Osal (sic) Stromdohl, of Rockford, Illinois; Mrs. Rosie Johnson, of Rock Island, Illinois; Mrs. Alice Clark, of Phoenix, Arizona; Mrs. Byrd Strand, of Sheridan, Wyoming; Mrs. Osie Paskie (sic) of Davenport, Iowa; and Mrs. Louise Cranch (sic), of Moline, Illinois; her brothers, Frank Powell of Rock Island, Illinois; Curtis Powell of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Roy Powell, of Phoenix, Arizona; Charles Powll of Moline, Illinois; William Powell of the U.S. Army stationed overseas.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Champion's drawing room with Rev. Oliver Reed officiating. Burial will be in the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery.
(Source: From the Sheridan, WY newspaper, reprinted in the 6 Dec 1944 issue of the Unionville Republican, Unionville, MO - researcher Sarah Lemen Phillips, Unionville, MO - furnished by Joyce Posey)

13446. Albert Dooley

RESIDENCES: As of Dec 1944, Clearmont, WY

13447. Sylvia Dooley

RESIDENCES: As of Dec 1944, Buffalo, NY

13448. Ira Dooley

RESIDENCES: As of Dec 1944, Decker, MT

9585. Unknown Morgan

RESIDENCES: As of Jul 1945, Mendota, MO

9602. Clyde Powell

Clyde Powell

MARRIAGE: WEDDINGS- Powell - Berg - a marriage license was issued Wednesday at Council Bluffs to Clyde Powell 21 and Miss Lottie Berg 18, both of Pacific Junction [Iowa].
(Source: Mills County Tribune, Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa, August 24, 1910 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

CENSUS: 1920 census - Haxtun Town, Phillips Co., Colorado, Precinct 4, date 9 February 1920, Dwl # 4 / Fam # 4, Grant Dtreet
Powell, Clyde, age 26, b, Iowa; f-b. Iowa; m-b. Neb.; Occupation: blank
Lottie, wife, age 25, b. Iowa; f-b. Ill; m-b. Iowa
Berg, Edwin, step-son, age 10, b. Iowa; f-b. Kas.;
Helen, step-dau., age 8., b. Iowa; f-b.Kas.; m-b. Iowa
Powell, Clyde Jr., son; 7; b. Neb.; f-b. Iowa; m-b. Iowa
Glen, son, age 5, b. Colo
Marcella, dau, age 3, b. Colo
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

Lottie Berg

Lottie Berg

AKA: Lottie Berg. Berg is probably her married name.

CHILDREN: Has children prior to marriage to Clyde Powell. See the 1920 census of Phillips Co., CO.

9605. Hattie A. Secrist

COMMENT: Not found in the SSDI

William E. Swisher

William E. Swisher

CHILDREN: Five children.

CEMETERY: William E. Swisher, 1898-1967; Hattie A. Swisher, 1891-1992, both buried in Block 1, Lot 29, Plots 1 & 2, Haxtun Cemetery, Phillips Co., CO.
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

COMMENT: Not found in the SSDI

9606. Walter Leslie Secrist

Walter Leslie Secrist

CEMETERY: Haxtun Cemetery, Haxtun, Phillips Co., CO; Headstone says, US Army WWII [Cavalry]

13457. Darcy Leslie Secrist

Darcy Leslie Secrist

BIRTH: 7 Jan 1922
(Source: SSDI)

Darcy Leslie Secrist, b. 1922, Colorado
d. 23 Feb 1998, age 76, Haxtun, Phillips Co., Colorado
Funeral: Schmidt-Bauck Funeral Chapel, Holyoke, Colo; 27 Feb 1998
Burial: Haxtun Cemetery Block 1 - Lot 12 - Plot 3 ; next to his grandmother; Harriet Kate [Powell] [Secrist] [Bane] Fisher.
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

Individual: Secrist, Darcy
Social Security #: 523-16-7340
Issued in: Colorado
Birth date: Jan 7, 1922
Death date: missing
ZIP Code of last known residence: 80734
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Holyoke, Colorado
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 L-Z, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Apr 24, 2004, Internal Ref. #]

13458. Dewey Secrist

RESIDENCES: As of 1998, Philadephia, PA

13459. Frederick Peter Secrist

Frederick Peter Secrist

FATHER: His father died in 1925, prior to his birth.

b. 7 Dec 1925, Iowa
d. 27 Feb 2000, Haxtun, Phillips Co., Colorado
Obituary: Haxtun - Fleming Herald, Haxtun, Colo; issue date March 8, 2000
Burial: Haxtun Cemetery
m. 27 Aug 1950, Haxtun, Colo to Margaret L. Harrah b. 19 June 1925
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

9608. Susan Geneva Bane

Susan Geneva Bane

AKA: Susie Bane

Caleb S. Hadeen

Caleb S. Hadeen

BIRTH-DEATH: b. 18 May 1895, d. Dec 1969
(Source: SSDI)

CENSUS: 1920 census - Haxtun Town, Phillips Co., Colorado, Precinct 4, date 9 February 1920, Dwl # 3 / Fam # 3, Grant Street
Hadeen, Caleb S., age 24, b. Neb.; f-b. Sweden; m-b. Sweden; Occupation:
Susie, wife, age 17, b. Iowa; f-b. Iowa; m-b. Iowa
James H., son, age 1/2 [ 6 mo], b. Colo; f-b.Sweden; m-b.Iowa
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

CEMETERY: Caleb and Susan Hadeen are buried in Haxtun Cemetery, Haxtun, Phillips Co., CO in Block 5, Lot 14, plots 1 & 2. Their daughter, Margaret, is in plot 3.
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

Individual: Hadeen, Caleb
Social Security #: 524-44-9571
Issued in: Colorado
Birth date: May 18, 1895
Death date: Dec 1969
Residence code: Colorado
ZIP Code of last known residence: 80731
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Haxtun, Colorado
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Apr 24, 2004, Internal Ref. #]