Descendants of John Belconger JR


8835. Dora Ann Conger

Dora Ann Conger

Problem: Was she born in, Pleasant, Crittenden Co., KY or as listed in CFA I,
p. 805, Marion, KY?

RECOLLECTIONS: On 8 Feb 1969, Genevea (Wilcox) Clark wrote: "Following are some
dim, and vivid, memories of the Conger family as told by my mother, Mrs. Dora
(Conger) Wilcox, and deductions made by me from the records, etc."

"The earliest record I have found of a Conger in Crittenden County, Kentucky,
is purchase of land on 11 Oct 1851. No Congers are found in the 1850 census of
this county. The deed states: Lemuel Conger of Christian County, Ky. bought
from Elisha Tabor 30 acres of land on Piney Fort Creek for $150.00.

"On 18 Jan 1855, another deed states: Lemuel Conger bought 5 acres for $10.00
from Martin Hammons. On 17 Jan 1854, Henry F. Rice of White Co., Illn, sold to
Elisha Conger of Crittenden County 133 acres on Piney Fork headwaters for
$617.00. Elisha was my great-grandfather. [Lemuel Conger might have been
brother of Elisha Conger. REH]

"The reason for giving this information is that I believe this family of
Congers started coming to Crittenden County [KY] soon after 1850. According to
tradition, they all came from Smith County, Tennessee and settled in the
eastern part of Crittenden county, Kentucky near the Piney and Piney Fork

"Herman Conger, son of Emanuel and grandson of Elisha, told me about two years
ago that our Conger ancestors lived in Christian Co., Ky, a while before coming
to Crittenden county, and that his father took him there once and showed him
the house where they lived. Herman died in 1968.

"Conger descendants now living in this county don't seem to know much more than
I about their ancestors. So many Congers died and left young children,
including my grandfather. I've also had a busy life and didn't keep a record
of what I heard.

"A son of one of my grandfather's cousins says his grandfather was Richard
Conger (called Uncle Dick). Now I remember the name "Uncle Dick" and believe I
heard he was a brother of Jane R. Conger (Elisha's wife and cousin) and that
his family was the only Conger close relatives on her side. (This "Dick" has
been established as William J. Conger, b. 1826, who married Julia Spurr.)

"My mother told me some of her great grandmother's maiden names -- two stick in
my mind -- Coffee and Wallace. I think Coffee belongs to the Conger family --
more probably, Jane R.'s mother. I hadn't heard of a John Conger relative --
Eli sounds more likely.

"Elisha Conger married his first cousin, Jane R. Conger, in Smith Co., Tenn. on
Apr. 19, 1838, when Jane was 14 years old and Elisha less than 18 years old.
They were still living in Smith Co. when the 1840 census was taken. Sometime
later they traveled to Kentucky in an ox cart, carrying only such possessions
as the cart would hold.

"We find the name spelled, "Congo" in old records of both Tennessee and
Kentucky. I can remember when some people "insisted" on calling them CONGO and
I would correct them as to the spelling. I wonder if that pronounciation
started because of Tennessee people not sounding "R," yet people have accented
it with a long "O."

"On of Elisha's sons, with his family, moved to Oklahoma -- then Indian
Territory. I think this would be Ira. We found Ira's marriage record but I
know nothing more about his family. Emanuel's daughter, Mrs. Sallie Duvall of
Detroit, the only grandchild of Elisha now living, says her father only talked
about 4 boys in his father's family. We believe the others died when infants
or small children. The four boys would be: Ira T., Lemuel, Paton (my
grandfather), and Emanuel -- the last three lived, died and left families in
this county. Of the two daughters, Malinda Jane married and died the same year
-- leaving a baby girl, named Ida Turley, who lived with her grandparents her
first few years, and then was taken away by her father, Thomas Turley, and
never heard from again by her Conger grandparents. The other daughter, Sarah
or Sally, married Granville P. Slaton, a brother of Paton's wife.

"Elisha's son, Lemuel, was a farmer and sometimes Baptist preacher. Paton, my
grandfather, was a farmer and dealer in produce -- going from farm to farm
buying chickens, eggs, etc. His oldest son, Doss, who was 12 years old when
his father died, took up the same type of business when a young man, except
that he was a buyer and shipper of cattle and hogs.

"It may be that Ira T. Conger's middle name was, Thomas, and that he was the
father of Elijah [Elisha] Conger, b. 1873, whose biography is filed with the
Oklahoma Historical Society. He said his father was Thomas Conger, born in
Kentucky, and mother Anna Harmon, born in Indiana. Ira was married 22 Dec 1872
to Mary E. Felker. Perhaps she was the mother of Elijah born November 1873 and
she died shortly thereafter. Anna Harmon may have been the second wife -- the
only mother Elijah knew. There were Hammons in the area. This ties in with
the fact that Ira T. moved to Oklahoma."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 151-152 - Maxine Crowell

8836. Albert Ross Conger

Albert Ross Conger

CONFLICT-BIRTH: Was he born at Marion, Crittenden Co., KY (CFA I, p. 15) or
Pleasant, Crittenden Co., KY?

The obituary of Albert Ross Conger stated that he had breakfast as usual and
was making preparations to feed his farm animals when he was stricken with a
heart attack and died before the doctor arrived.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 15 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Alma Ross Postleweight

Alma Ross Postleweight

AKA: Alma Ross Wright; Alma R. Postleweight, CFA I, p. 15 & CFA II, p. 280
Alma P. Wright (CFA I, p. 50); "name should be Alma Ross Postleweight, not
Wright," CFA II, p. 714.

DEATH: 15 Jul 1966
(Source: SSDI)

Individual: Conger, Alma
Social Security #: 401-72-5022
Issued in: Kentucky
Birth date: Jun 23, 1884
Death date: Jul 15, 1966
ZIP Code of last known residence: 42064
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Marion, Kentucky
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jan 7, 2001, Internal Ref. #]

12645. Annie May Conger

Annie May Conger

RESIDENCES: As of Jun 1968, Mrs. Anna Mae Fritz of Sikeston, MO (CFA I, p. 50)

12646. Isabel Conger

Isabel Conger

BIRTH-DEATH: Stillborn

8837. Ida May Turley

Ida May Turley

RELATIONSHIP: After the death of her mother she was kept by her Conger grandparents for a few years. Then she went back to living with her father.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 799 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

James Turley

James Turley

QUESTION-NAME: Was the surname of this person really the same as the maiden name of his wife?

8843. Herman Swope Conger

Herman Swope Conger

Individual: Conger, Herman
Social Security #: 403-07-0658
Issued in: Kentucky
Birth date: Dec 3, 1891
Death date: Apr 1968
Residence code: Kentucky
ZIP Code of last known residence: 42037
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Dycusburg, Kentucky
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 10, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

Callie Prowell

Callie Prowell

Individual: Conger, Callie
Social Security #: 404-72-8874
Issued in: Kentucky
Birth date: Jun 7, 1895
Death date: Jun 1976
Residence code: Michigan
ZIP Code of last known residence: 48146
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Lincoln Park, Michigan
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 10, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

12649. May Conger


12650. Marie Conger

Marie Conger


12651. Louise Conger

Louise Conger


12652. Gwendolyn Conger

Gwendolyn Conger


12653. Douglas Conger

Douglas Conger


12654. James Conger

James Conger

RESIDENCES: Garden City, MI (CFA I, p. 231)

8846. Martha Elvira Conger

Martha Elvira Conger

AKA: Probably called, Elvira

EMIGRATION: Went to McPherson, KS in 1900 to keep house for her brother, Noah.

Tally Finis Hutchinson

Tally Finis Hutchinson

OCCUPATION: Drug business

8852. Albert Manson Conger

Albert Manson Conger

NAME-CONFLICT: Albert Manson Conger (CFA II, p. 53); Albert Mason Conger

8853. Archie Harrison Reynolds

Archie Harrison Reynolds

BIRTH-CONFLICT: There is a conflict between his birth year of 1878, reported by Gerald Gentry, and the date of his parent's marriage, 1879.

8854. Mary Elizabeth Reynolds

Mary Elizabeth Reynolds

AKA: Called, Aunt Dolly

RESEARCHER: This is the grandmother of researcher, Elyce Hughes.

NAME-DEATH: According to a 31 Dec 2000 posting on GenForum by Elyce Hughes the death certificate listed her name as, Mary Elizebeth Reynolds Roberts. Elyce stated that she had her parents as, Mary Conger, b. TN and James Reynolds, b. AR.

8855. Judia Ann Conger

Judith Ann Conger

Problem: CFA I, lists the date of date as 1 Mar 1962 and 2 Mar 1962.

OCCUPATION-EMIGRATION: Judia Rawls was left a widow with 4 children. She supported her family as a dressmaker. In 1932 she moved to Boulder City, NV. Then in 1934 she moved to southern California. She managed the Wilar Hotel in Santa Monica for 10 years. (CFA I, p. 782)

John W. Rawls

John W. Rawls

ORGANIZATIONS: Republican; member of Woodmen of the World

EMIGRATION: He and his family moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1910.

12661. Herschel F. Rawls

Herschel F. Rawls

OCCUPATION: Electronics technician. He was employed by radio station KOY in the early days of radio in Phoenix, AZ. Later he manned a U.S. government monitoring station near the Mexican border. (CFA I, p. 782)

8857. Nola Conger

Nola Conger

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Congregationalist

EMIGRATION: Went to Arizona in 1911

OCCUPATION: Teacher in the public schools from 1913 to 1915; Librarian at Roosevelt School 1938-1961

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Past president of local Woman's Club and PTA, Guardian, Camp Fire Girls, 11 years

DEATH-CONFLICT: 29 Mar 1982 (CFA); 28 Mar 1982 (CFA II, p. 723)

Jason J. Belford

Jason J. Belford

HEALTH_HISTORY-EMIGRATION: Seeking relief from asthma he went to Arizone in 1906.

OCCUPATION: Worked in copper mines in Bisbee, [AZ] and later was a truck driver in Phoenix.

RECOLLECTIONS: In 1912, he and a friend packed their supplies on a burro and hiked from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, stopping enroute at Flagstaff to climb one of the San Francisco Peaks.


RESIDENCES: 9228 South 3rd; Phoenix, AZ 85041

12666. Thomas H. Belford

Thomas H. Belford

SPOUSE: Thomas H. Belford was the 2nd spouse of Olive (Smeal) Gheer.

EDUCATION: B.S. in Business Administration from University of Arizona, 1941

HEALTH_HISTORY: Disqualified from military service due to an injury to his right hand sustained when he was 8 years old.

EMIGRATION-OCCUPATION: He went to Califorina in 1942 to work in the defense industry. Began working at the San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard as a Shipfitter in 1955. (CFA I, p. 703)

NO_ISSUE: Thomas and Olive Belford had no issue.


Olive Smeal

Olive Smeal

AKA: Olive Smeal Gheer, CFA I, p. 703


OCCUPATION: Manager of prosthetic fittings shop in San Mateo, CA

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Skilled worker with ceramic tile

CHILD: Olive had one son by her marriage to a Mr. Gheer, James Gheer, who lived in Springfield, OR.

8858. Marguerite Gordon Conger

Marguerite Gordon Conger

AKA: Peg

BIRTH-CONFLICT: Was she born on 1 May 1901 or 5 May 1901? Both listed in CFA I. 1 May 1901 (CFA II, p. 706)

OCCUPATION: Retired seamstress

HOBBIES: Crewel embroider

Rex Leland Hammerly

Rex Leland Hammerly

OCCUPATION: Retired teacher and printer

HOBBIES: Liked sports

RESIDENCES: 11139 Pennsylvania Avenue; Youngtown, AZ 85363

8859. Roy Hopkins Conger

Roy Hopkins Conger

Problem: CFA I, lists the date of death as 21 Jul 1959 and 22 Jul 1959.

OCCUPATION: Electrician

ORGANIZATIONS: Member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Sciots, Arizona Lodge #2 AF&AM

HOBBIES: Enthusiastic fisherman and hunter

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: First Church of Religious Science

Bertha Alice Cline

Bertha Alice Cline

HOBBIES: Quilting