Descendants of John Belconger JR


Edgar Fountain Beasley

Edgar Fountain Beasley

EDUCATION: Attended the University at Columbia, MO

HOBBIES: Played golf

OCCUPATION: President of a laundry


CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Member of Francis Street Methodist Church; Sunday School teacher for many years.

BIOGRAPHY: Edgar Fountain Beasley
Graduating from the University of Missouri in June 1894, Mr. Beasley entered the grocery business, which he followed for six years. He then engaged in the wholesale poultry and egg business, continuing until August, 1903, when he became interested in the laundry business, and has since devoted his entire time and attention to that industry. He is president of both the NuWay Laundry Company and Pearl Steam Laundry Company of St. Joseph, and a member of the executive committee of the Missouri State Laundry Owners Association. He is also past president of this association, filling the office in 1916-1917.

Mr. Beasley is a native Missourian, the date of his birth being Woodlandville, December 18, 1871. His father, Noah Beasley, was born in Rockingham County Virginia, February 21, 1829, and removed to Missouri in 1857. On January 19, 1860 he was married to Permilia J. Wayland. Eight Children were born of this union, six of whom are living.

Mr. Beasley was always a farmer and a successful one. He died December 9, 1897, at Columbia, MO., and was buried there. His widow, who still lives in Columbia, was born n Missouri, September 19, 1843. She is a sturdy, Christian mother, and a grandmother of seventeen grandchildren.

Mr. E.F. Beasley was educated in the public schools of Missouri before entering the State University, where he received the degrees of B.S. and P.E.B.

Born and raised a Democrat, Mr. Beasley has always supported the ticket which his judgment stood for the best interests of all the people, both state and nation.

Always taking part in the general welfare of St. Joseph, Mr. Beasley holds membership in the Commerce Club, Rotary Club, St. Joseph Country Club, Athletic Club, and is a member of the State Historical Society.

His hobby, if such it might be called, is close attention to business and a deep interest in the uplift of humanity, having a special concern in the betterment of living and social conditions. Mr. Beasley contends that he is just getting old enough to play golf.

He is a member of the Francis Street Methodist Church, a member of the Board of Stewards and lay leader of the church. For many years he was a Sunday school teacher.

On November 19, 1896, at Columbia, Mo., Mr. Beasley was married to Harriett N., daughter of W.W. Conger. Two children, Angeline M., and William Conger Beasley, have been born of this marriage.

Mrs. Beasley's father is dead, being buried in Arlington Cemetery, Virginia. Her mother lives in Seattle. Ten of the twelve children born to them are living.

The Beasley home is No. 1712 South Twenty-fourth street.
(Source: W. Conger Beasley Jr. - furnished by Marc Conger Beasley)

11133. Angeline Matilda Beasley

Angeline Matilda Beasley

EDUCATION: Attended Missouri University at Columbia, MO; also the Temple School at New York, NY. (CFA I, p. 701)

RESIDENCES: Lived at Seattle, WA while married.

William Henry Pringle

William Henry Pringle

DIVORCE-NO_ISSUE: The marriage of William Henry Pringle and Angeline Matilda Beasley ended in divorce. There was no issue. (CFA I, p. 701)

7210. Clyde Wallace Conger

Cl;yde Wallace Conger

OCCUPATION: Laundry business


RESIDENCES: 4101 38th St. NW; Washington, DC 20016

Mabel Augusta Watts

Mabel Augusta Watts


Carroll S. Wingfield

Carroll S. Wingfield

DIVORCE: The marriage of Carroll S. Wingfield and Virginia Watts Conger ended in divorce.

7213. Diane Prentice Conger

Diane Prentice Conger

Problem: Was she born in Columbia, MO or Centrailia, MO? CFA I, lists both.

Laura Oldham

Laura Oldham

SPOUSE: Laura Oldham was the 2nd wife of Frank Wallace Pelsue.

7221. George Camden Conger

George Camden Conger

PARENTS: Job Clifton Conger, I and Emeline Frances Hines

RELATIONSHIP: Benjamin R. McBride was the grand-nephew of George C. Conger.

Ida Wicker

COMMENT: Not found on the SSDI

11144. Maybelle Wicker Conger

Maybelle Wicker Conger

NEVER_MARRIED: Never married.

BIOGRAPHY: Miss Conger's Style Still Steals Show After 33 Years
Anybody who thought Miss Maybelle Conger would be speechless Saturday at her
retirement party didn't know her very well.

In the "Miss Conger" style known to two generations of Oklahoma City students,
she stole the show as 200 of those former students feted her.

Seated in a canvas-backed director's chair on the stage of the small auditorium
in Oklahoma City University's Fine Arts Center, Miss Conger accepted gifts and
kind words while calling loud hellos to the friends who surrounded her.

She graduated from Central High School (then, Oklahoma High School) and in
1937, returned there as a teacher of speech and drama.

"Miss Conger remains the hell raising-est teacher that ever stormed the halls
of Central High School," declared Gene Dillehay, the master of ceremonies, and
the audience cheered its agreement.

"Which, I might add, is what it took to teach anything to the likes of you and
me," he added, and was met with a new round of cheers.

"Today," he continued, "we do the talking and Miss Conger does the listening."

"You wanta bet?" asked Miss Conger in a voice that steamrollered through the

Miss Conger had known that some of her students would go far, and the home
towns of those attending the party proved it.

Newcomb S. Hayes, class of '46, was there from Anchorage, Alaska, and others
had come from Texas and Colorado, Louisana and Pennsylvania, Ohio and a dozen
cities in Oklahoma.

Jim Johnson, director of secondary education for the public schools, read a
proclamation from Mayor Norick naming Saturday "Maybelle Conger Day."

Dr. Dolphus Whitten, president of OCU, cited her with a distinguished alumnus
award, noting that she had made "a significant contribution to the youth of
Oklahoma City."

He said "those who have been proteges of Maybelle are a little bit different,"
paused while Miss Conger's proteges laughed, then noted seriously that he was
sorry he had not had their advantage.

Curt Schwartz, former head of the Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Council,
engineered the party and kept it rolling full-speed ahead -- the sytle to which
Miss Conger had made them all accustomed.

As former students stood to be recognized (or not recognized after so many
years) as the actors and actresses from near-forgotten senior and junior class
plays, Miss Conger called nearly everyone by name.

A special alumni was David Black, now a successfull celebrity accompanist in
California, who flew back especially for the event.

While the program was underway, students who hadn't seen one another since
graduation day, 1938 or '48 or '58 were enjoying the reunion.

There was nothing formal or stuffy about the party.

As one smiling alum noted, "I got kissed by some girls today that didn't kiss
me in high school."
[Note: It is assumed that the Miss Maybelle Conger of this article was the
daughter of George Camden Conger and Ida Wicker. REH]
(Source: The Sunday Oklahoman, 14 Jun 1970, Section A, p. 24, included a
photograph of Miss Conger - found in the front section of Conger Family of
America, Vol. I)

DEATH: Feb 1989
(Source: SSDI)

Individual: Conger, Maybelle
Social Security #: 448-38-6775
Issued in: Oklahoma
Birth date: Mar 12, 1906
Death date: Feb 1989
ZIP Code of last known residence: 73127
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-K, Ed. 7, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jan 7, 2001, Internal Ref. #]

7222. Nanette Maud Conger

Nanette Maud Conger

PARENTS: Job Clifton Conger, I and Emeline Frances Hines

She was a talented painter. The walls of the home were covered with enormous paintings. In later years she became totally absorbed in religion.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 261 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

EMIGRATION: Left San Antonio, TX Abt. 1954 to live with her daughter, Lou, in California. She probably died there.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 350 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Samuel Blosier

Samuel Blosier

DIVORCE: The marriage of Samuel Blosier and Nanette Maud Conger ended in divorce on 26 Nov 1904 at Keytesville, MO.

11145. Unknown Blosier

Unknown Blosier

BIRTH-DEATH: Stillborn female

John Lewis Keefe

John Lewis Keefe

SPOUSE: John Lewis Keefe was the 2nd spouse of Nanette Maud Conger.

AKA: Probably called, Lewis or Lou

11148. Lou Keefe

Lou Keefe

NAME: Named after her father.

7224. Job Clifton Conger

Job Clifton Conger, II

PARENTS: Job Clifton Conger, I and Emeline Frances Hines


Julia Roland Johnson

Julia Roland Johnson

HOBBIES: Played the piano

AKA: Julia Donaldson in the obituary of her son, Job Clifton Conger, III

COMMENT: Not found in the SSDI

11150. George Hines Conger

George Hines Conger

PARENTS: Job Clifton Conger, II and Julia Roland Johnson

COMMENT: There are two George Conger, b. 7 Dec 1912 listed on the SSDI.

11151. Martha Elizabeth Conger

Martha Elizabeth Conger

PARENTS: Job Clifton Conger, II and Julia Roland Johnson

11152. Julia Eloise Conger

Julia Eloise Conger

PARENTS: Job Clifton Conger, II and Julia Roland Johnson