Descendants of John Belconger JR


5110. Eli Newton Conger

Eli Newton Conger

Problem: Was he born in Franklin Co., AR, CFA I, p. 246 or as listed in CFA I, p. 140, Johnson Co., AR?

Frances Helen Hampton

COMMENT: Living in 1968,

8889. Carl Henry Conger

Carl Henry Conger

AKA: Probably called, Henry.

NO_ISSUE: He had no issue.

5112. Samuel Young Conger

Samuel Young Conger

Problem: Was the date of death, 22 Feb 1955 or 22 Feb 1966? Both dates listed, in CFA I.

OCCUPATION: Section Hand foreman


Josie Fritts

Josie Fritts


BIRTH: Probably born at Marion, KY
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 458 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

8897. Ellen Conger

Ellen Coner

RELATIONSHIP: Ellen and Elzy D. Conger were twins.

Lonia Mitchell

Lonia Mitchell

SPOUSE: 2nd spouse of Samuel Young Conger.

Minnie Adelle Ledbetter

Minnie Adelle Ledbetter

SPOUSE: Minnie Ledbetter was the 3rd spouse of Samuel Conger.

5113. Minnie Etta Conger

Minnie Etta Conger


HOBBIES: Fancy sewing, crossword puzzles

Problem: Was she born in Putnam Co., TN or at Allens, Haywood Co., TN, or in Allen Co., TN.

Anthony Thomas Griffey

Anthony Thomas Griffey

NAME-CONFLICT: Also listed as, Anthony Griffen on p. 346 of CFA I.

CEMETERY: Rose Hills Memorial


OCCUPATION: Section foreman on the railroad

HOBBIES: Gardening

RESEARCHER: B.D. King: 6521 Hannon Street; Bell Gardens, CA

8903. Ruth Griffey

Ruth Griffey

DEATH: At the age of 3 weeks.

8905. Victoria Griffey

Victoria Griffey

DEATH: Stillborn

8906. Edith Griffey

Edith Griffey

DEATH: Died at age 14 months

8907. Cecil Griffey

Cecil Griffey

DEATH: Died at age 15 months

8908. Gertrude Griffey

Gertrude Griffey

DEATH: Died at age 10 months

Ciddie Francis Watts

Ciddie Francis Watts

SPOUSE: Ciddie Watts was the 2nd wife of William Fredrick Conger.

AKA: Cidie Francis Watts (CFA I, p. 129)

5116. James Robert Conger

James Robert Conger

Problem: Was the date of death, 26 Jun 1951 or 16 Jul 1951?

OCCUPATION: Railroad track supervisor


Lona Mc Daniel

Lona McDaniel

Problem: Was the surname, McDonald or McDaniel? CFA I, lists both.


Ruth Reynolds

Ruth Reynolds

SPOUSE: Ruth Reynolds was the 2nd spouse of James Robert Conger.


5118. Carrie May Conger

Carrie May Conger

Problem: Was she born in Marion, KY or at Allens, Haywood Co., TN? CFA I, lists both.

HOBBIES: Sewing, playing the piano, singing religious songs


Felix Henry Latham

Felix Henry Latham

Problem: Was he Frank Latham or Felix Henry Latham? CFA I, lists both.


OCCUPATION: Railroad conductor

Myrtle Reed

Myrtle Reed

CHILDREN: May have had 2 daughters with Smith Conger. CFA I, p. 472

Bertha Unknown

Bertha Unknown

SPOUSE: Second spouse of Smith Conger

RESIDENCES: 903 Cahal Avenue; Nashville, TN 37206

Lou Verdie Rhodes

RESIDENCES: As a widow: 362 S. Royal St.; Jackson, TN 38301

5134. Angeline Conger

Angeline Conger

MARRIAGE: Angeline Conger was married "on the street on horseback."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 524 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

APPEARANCE-TRAITS: Liked to travel. She loved her family and was always concerned about them.

Problem: Place of birth, Crittenden Co., KY, CFA I, p. 754

Martin Van Buren Joyce

Martin VanBuren Joyce


MILITARY: Union soldier in Civil War.

MARRIAGE: On horseback, CFA II, p. 349

Problem: Place of birth, Caldwell Co., KY (CFA I, p. 754)

8938. Margaret Lucetty Joyce

Margaret Lucetty Joyce

QUESTION: Who was the 1st spouse of this person?

8945. Infant Joyce

SEX: Male child

John Sullivan

John Sullivan

AKA: John (?) Sullivan, CFA II, p. 350

8948. Gilbert Rufus Joyce

Gilbert Rufus Joyce

NAME-CONFLICT: Gilbert Rudolph Joyce, CFA I, p. 754

Problem: Where did he die, CFA I, p. 754, Blackford, KY?