Descendants of John Belconger JR


Trustrum Manning

Trustrum Manning

NAME-CONFLICT: Trustrum; Trustum; and Trusum Manning, all in Ancestral File. Tristan Manning in CFA II, p. 295.

BIRTH: Abt. 1701; 13 Dec 1710, both in Ancestral File.

DEATH: Piscataway or Somerset, NJ, both in Ancestral File.

MARRIAGE: 3 Jul 1729 at unspecified place; Abt 1732/1733 Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ, both in Ancestral File.

Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth Ruth

AKA: Elizabeth Unknown in Ancestral File; Elizabeth Ruth, CFA II, p. 295

92. Mary Drake

Mary Drake

BIRTH-CONFLICT: 19 Feb 1711 in Ancestral File; 19 Feb 1710 in CFA II, p. 295.

93. Edward Drake

Edward Drake

CONFLICT-BIRTH: 6 Jan 1713 in Ancestral File; 16 Jan 1713 in CFA II, p. 295

CONFLICT-BIRTH: Sue Reddell lists, b. 16 Jan 1712/1713 in Piscataway, NJ.

CONFLICT-DEATH: Did he die at Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ on an unknown date or Washington Valley, Somerset, NJ on 27 Sep 1776, listed by Sue Reddell?

CONFLICT-MARRIAGE: Sue Reddell lists, the marriage place as, Piscataway, Middlesew, NJ.

94. David Drake

David Drake

BIRTH-CONFLICT: 15 Apr 1715 in Ancestral File; 24 Apr 1714 in CFA II, p. 295

95. Fitz Randolph Drake

Fitz Randolph Drake

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: Ancestral File 1744; CFA II, p. 295 ABt. 1742

97. Susannah Drake

Susannah Drake

BIRTH-CONFLICT: 27 Jan 1722 in Ancestral File; 17 Jan 1721 in CFA II, p. 295.

James Manning

James Manning, II

RELATIONSHIP: Siblings, James and Margaret Manning married Grace Fitz Randolph and Jonathan Fitz Randolph, respectively. Grace was the niece of Jonathan and their common ancestor was, Joseph Fitz Randolph.

CONFLICT-DEATH: Where did he die, Essex Co., NJ or as listed by Sue Reddell, Sussex Co., NJ? What was the year of death?

315. James Hilton Manning

James Manning, III

OCCUPATION: First President of Brown University. Founded Brown University in 1765.

NO_ISSUE: There was no issue

ADOPTION: He adopted his nephew, James Manning IV.

317. Enoch Manning

Enoch Manning

SPOUSE: Enoch Manning was the 2nd spouse of Mrs. Janet Shotwell.

Janet Edgar

Janet Edgar

SPOUSE: First married to Mr. Shotwell

AKA: Mrs. Janet (Edgar) Shotwell.

Providence Cooper

Providence Cooper

SPOUSE: Second spouse of Joseph Manning

Mary Unknown

Mary Unknown

SPOUSE: First married to a Bauderveer Laing and widowed.

SPOUSE: Third spouse of Joseph Manning

AKA: Mrs. Mary Bauderveer Laing

321. Infant Fitz Randolph

SEX: Female child

333. Infant Fitz Randolph

SEX: Male child

Isaac Stelle

Isaac Stelle

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: William Reitweisner has the date of marriage, 27 Apr 1740.